Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Progress on the New Bed

Well as promised, here is an update on the new bed. My next door neighbor finally got his yard vacuumed so I got a few more leaves to add as mulch. I would say at this point we are just about three quarters of the way done with the mulch.

Section I of the Tropical Bed

By next Summer I'm hoping the air conditioning unit will be at least part of the way concealed with some type of plants. I've considered putting a trellis of some sort up to disguise it too. It goes with out saying the hose will be made less visible as well.

Section II of the Tropical Bed

New Mulch

If you look closely you'll see we've added some Chrysanthemums to this section of the bed. There are also other plants that have been recently added, I'll post them in a separate blog later this week. I'll show them to you in their puny little state and we'll watch them grow in to something wonderful next Summer.

Newly Mulched Woodland Bed

Just Another View

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