Monday, March 28, 2011

The Garden 03/28/11


The garden is well on its way to waking up and I’m really enjoying watching the life come back into it. This garden was created with love and you can feel it all over you when you walk around it! It’s become my new favorite place to read my Bible. I got the New Living Translation (large print!) and I can finally understand what I’m reading. It must put me in a really special place because this past Saturday morning while I was reading, a squirrel, two doves and a robin sat less than seven feet from me as if they expected me to read to them. I was actually a little scared of the squirrel because I didn't like the way he was looking at me. It was really strange because even moving my legs didn’t seem to frighten them. The cleanup is still underway, but I would say I am about 85% there. I almost over did it Saturday because Sunday after church I bent over to put a pizza in the oven and I had a sharp pain in my back. I’ve been assured everything is okay though; I’m just stretching nerves and muscles that haven’t been used in several years. It’s “to be expected.” On another note, the largest and oldest Japanese Maple may have fallen victim to the heat last year. Keep your fingers crossed, I’ll be in touch soon. God Bless~ Randy



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recovering In Style

Hello everyone. I’m in my third week of recovery from back surgery. I hope this fixes the problem once and for all! I tell you what; you certainly discover who the people are in your life that really love you when you go thru something like that. I’m so thankful to everyone that came to visit me and helped me thru the hardest part of it. The garden is really starting to wake up now, but it’s nothing you guys haven’t already seen so I’ll post pictures later after I recover more. I still have very strict limitations on what I can and cannot do. Meanwhile! I found something that really makes my back feel a lot better! Check out my baby; a new Cheverolet Camaro SS with the RS package. I decided it was time to treat myself. I haven’t been satisfied with my vehicles since I had my old green convertible. This sweetheart has a 400 horse power V8 with every possible feature you can imagine. I didn’t even know you could put a manual AND an automatic transmission in a car. It even has it's own phone number! It’s really going to help pamper me while I have to stay out of the garden. Give me a couple more weeks to heal and I’ll get you guys up some garden photos. Oh, Oh, Oh! Some of my photos were published in a book that was released in February; I’ll tell you about that too. God bless!~ Randy