Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Blog Has Moved


Hi! I am sooooooooo glad you found me! I hope you enjoy Creating Our Eden. If you read far enough back in the posts you will see there is a remarkable story connected to the creation of my garden. I’ve moved the blog to another web address and I’ll continue posting there. If you’re a regular reader please update your blog list. I really hope to see you at the new blog. It’s called ‘A Southern Eden’ you can follow the link or type in your web address bar. Come see me ya’ll!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In the Garden 04/04/12...

Spring, spring, spring… I was walking around the garden the other day looking to see what is blooming and it never ceases to amaze me how fast things shoot out of the ground and leaf up this time of year. I know you’ve seen most all these flowers before, but I thought I would share them with you again anyway.

This iris is ‘Sugar Blues’. It’s one of the first irises to bloom in my garden and it’s also the very first one I ever planted. When I moved into the house in 1995 the lady next door was kind enough to share her’s with me. Its color ranges from a vivid blue to almost a lilac. I can never be certain from year to year just exactly what shade it’s going to be. Isn’t it a lovely color though?

'Sugar Blues'

Sugar Blues

The amaryllis are blooming too. I just have the typical ones you find in the big box stores. I do however, have a butterfly amaryllis that’s been planted for four years now and has yet to produce a bloom. Each season I think to myself, maybe this year.

'Red Lion'

Red LIon

‘Apple Blossom’

Apple Blossom

While I was walking around I kept hearing this strange little noise. I was certain it was a kitten, but I had a difficult time finding it. I looked thru the hedges into the neighbor’s yard and spotted this little guy lying on the ground under a tree.


There’s a feral cat that’s taken up residence in my back yard. She’s black as an ace of spades, just as fluffy as she can be with only one green eye. She likes to sleep on top of the lions by the jasmine wall at night. I see her on them when I come home late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. The lady next door had told me her Casanova kitty would be a daddy soon and I guess he’s into the wild girls. Anyway, you’ll never guess where she decided to have her babies. About 10 feet up in this tree...


She spotted her a hollowed out place and has decided to call it home. I told my neighbor about the kitten and he was able to get it back up in the tree. I wonder if they will think they are squirrels when they start walking?