Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is This Our Final Blooms?

Despite three heavy frost, our garden is still trying its very best to produce a happy bloom here and there for us. I would say at this point our little paradise is about half and half, half asleep and half awake. No matter how burned from the frost and the cold, as long as a plant is still producing blooms I can’t bear to cut it down.

This Hen and Chicks must surely have suffered from last night’s temperature of 25 degrees. Tonight it is expected to get equally as cold.


This Buckeye butterfly by now has moved on to a warmer place.


Jamie’s ‘Party’ Dahlia has sported its last bloom for this season and will soon wither to the ground.


This is the very first bloom on our tiny ‘Mine No Yuki’ camellia. I hope it’s the first of many to come.

Mine No Yuki

Grandmother’s rose seems to be very happy in its new home. This is its third recovery from a near death. I’m pretty certain this will be the final resting place.


Should the 20 degree weather spare any more blooms I will be certain to share them with you. Until then, happy Fall. :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jamie Has Been On the Roof Again

Well, Jamie has been playing monkey again, this time he’s up on the roof with the camera. He always waits until I’m napping or no where around to do this stuff because he knows I can’t stand it. I’m glad he got these pictures though because I can get a good look at the garden without crawling up there myself.



As I ponder these pictures I’m making changes in my mind.


You can’t tell from these pictures but that back fence is planted with Spirea, Variegated Privet and Japanese Magnolias. In a couple of years those houses will no longer be visible from the garden.


Hmmmmm… Philip's irises are in these quarter round beds. Looking at these pictures and thinking something is missing. I can’t plant daylilies because one day these beds will be shade, but now the sun is too bright for shade plants… what to do…


Oh yea, there’s definitely too much grass here. We’ll be digging that up soon, I’m certain of that. I see a nice little spot for a bed.


Sooner or later this will be a tiny courtyard of sorts. It’s still just a concept at this point, but it will happen one day.