Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is This Our Final Blooms?

Despite three heavy frost, our garden is still trying its very best to produce a happy bloom here and there for us. I would say at this point our little paradise is about half and half, half asleep and half awake. No matter how burned from the frost and the cold, as long as a plant is still producing blooms I can’t bear to cut it down.

This Hen and Chicks must surely have suffered from last night’s temperature of 25 degrees. Tonight it is expected to get equally as cold.


This Buckeye butterfly by now has moved on to a warmer place.


Jamie’s ‘Party’ Dahlia has sported its last bloom for this season and will soon wither to the ground.


This is the very first bloom on our tiny ‘Mine No Yuki’ camellia. I hope it’s the first of many to come.

Mine No Yuki

Grandmother’s rose seems to be very happy in its new home. This is its third recovery from a near death. I’m pretty certain this will be the final resting place.


Should the 20 degree weather spare any more blooms I will be certain to share them with you. Until then, happy Fall. :-)


Jan said...

A freeze was predicted for us, but it only got down to around 34, so everything is still hanging on. I can't believe you all already have had 25 degrees. Grandmother's rose is a lovely pink.

Always Growing

Jamie and Randy said...

Jan, it got really cold last night and it's suppose to be cold again tonight. When I got home this afternoon it was obvious that the cold wiped everything out. It's all brown. That's okay though, now I don't mind cutting things back and cleaning up. :-)

Frances said...

Hi Randy, still so lovely. I look forward to seeing your camellias, one of my favorites. I was surprised that you temps are getting so low already. Our weatherman says our winter will be closer to normal this year, meaning COLDER than the last couple. Rats. I thought we were easing our way into zone 8. ;-)


Jamie and Randy said...

Frances, I found out from the news it actually got down to 22 degrees. It's supposed to be 28 Saturday night. We will just have to bundle up!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your photos are beautiful. I love the succulent. I hope to find a local source to add to my little collection of these plants.

Gail said...

Lovely bloom photos Randy~~the sedum looks like it's sporting a nice diamond at it's center! It was mean cold here! We can't deny it any longer...winter is on its way!


Jamie and Randy said...

Thank you so much for the compliment on the pictures! Jamie loves his Hen and Chicks and they look fantastic the way he has them arranged in the pile of stones.

Jamie and Randy said...

I say to winter, BRING IT ON! The sooner it gets here and passes the sooner it will be spring again and I can enjoy my beautiful flowers!
;-)- Randy

Darla said...

Beautiful Dahlia! It's been freezing here too which is early. Will warm up again next week. Enjoy your blog.

Jamie and Randy said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the blog and that you have decided to pay us another visit. If you are having cold weather you know what that means don't you? Light that fire up, invite your friends and shuck some oysters!-Randy

Cosmo said...

Hi, Randy--We've been unseasonably cold, too--my poor little peppers were blasted into compost. But those little flowers on the hen & chicks are lovely even in their frozen mode. And I can't wait to see more camellias.

Jamie and Randy said...

Cosmo, everything in our garden is just as brown as it can be. Jamie and I need to get out there and clean things up for the winter soon. Maybe after this busy week. Would you believe that even in 21 degree weather those Hen and Chicks haven't suffered one bit?-Randy

Annie in Austin said...

The hens & chicks photo with one perfect drop of water is lovely, Randy & Jamie. And I'd like to steal that white camellia!

With the garden frozen to 21°F you can clean up your paradise and maybe rest up a little? I still can't believe what you've accomplished in the 11 months since the tornado, when Phillip sent us over to sympathize with you.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Jamie and Randy said...

After we get everything cleaned up we will rest a little. BUT, we have a 75 foot bed to get ready across the back of the yard and four new beds to put in on both sides of the new garden wall.*wink*-Randy

Wayne said...

Well, at 16 degrees, you know we don't have a thing left. Not to mention everything is covered with snow. It's gonna be a l-o-n-g winter.....