Saturday, December 13, 2008

Should I Tell Them?

We have had several weeks down into the 20’s and they shouldn’t be blooming right now. How is it, do you think, that something so fragile can have such a will to survive? This basket has been totally neglected for a couple of months now, yet these Petunias continue to give us blooms.


The Brazilian Bog Sage, while unable to produce but a few tiny specks of blue, still refuses to give up as well.

Brazilian Bog Sage

I despise the winter. Some years it’s a very difficult time for me. Where other people feel the friskiness in the cool air and find joy in the changing leaf colors, I’m not always able to see and feel the same thing. On those years I only feel temperatures that make me cold to the bone and no matter how hard I try, I can't get warm. I look around and I see my favorite colors disappear and everything turns shades of brown and gray and I become very tired. I withdraw and want to stay in the warmth and seclusion of my home. To help me on these rare seasons I fill my home with tons of objects that sparkle and shine to remind me of the summer sun that I love so much.


The garden seems to sense my reluctance to turn loose of summer this year. It’s trying very hard to still give me glimpses of color and to remind me of what will return this summer and replace all that is gone now. Just look at this Sky Vine still giving me a show of purple. The crispy brown vines of the one planted on the fence have been removed for over a week now.

Sky Vine

Even being protected from the frost by the eaves of the house the temperatures alone should have destroyed the vines. Yet, it still has more buds waiting to open.

Sky Vine2

This Daisy Mum is a volunteer. It wasn’t even planted, but it refuses to go away. She is totally unaware the temperatures have been as low as 22 degrees.

Unknown Chirssy

Clarence hangs on for dear life with its frost bitten, wilted bloom. There are still three more getting ready to open.

Cold Clarence

The Climbing Aster and Rosemary are still blooming.

Climbing Aster


Even the Azaleas refuse to stop providing me with that beautiful pink I love so much and have so little of in our garden. Walking around I suddenly realized that everything needs a period of resting, plants, animals and even humans. After all we are mammals are we not? And, a large majority of mammals spend their cold periods resting and sleeping, it is the nature of things. Maybe on those falls when we don’t feel as well as others it’s not really a seasonal disorder as so many doctors are quick to label it. Maybe it’s our bodies telling us, you have been way too busy these past few months. It’s time to return to the inward nature that you once knew and use this period to rest. All that being said, I made the decision to “Tell Them”. I explained that it was very important that they rest right now, because I was expecting a huge show of flowers the coming spring and summer, and it would use a lot of energy. I would be just fine and don’t worry about me.


The next morning a rather amazing thing happened. We had a very large frost, but no larger than the ones we have had several times a week for the past three weeks. I walked around the yard to check on them and they have all gone to sleep now, with the understanding of course that the Camellias will still be keeping an eye on me from time to time. Something else wonderful happened that day, but, that’s a whole nuther’ entry. I am happy.


Until spring, I shall live in a home filled with brilliant sparkles and hundreds of colored rainbows.



Cosmo said...

Randy--What a lovely posting! And that last shot of the frost on the camellia is gorgeous. I'm glad your plants listen to you--mine seldom do. I have a weigelia trying to open right now, of all things--but not a pansy in sight (well, that's because of the deer, but I told the pansies to duck). I'm glad you're feeling happy--I have a disco ball Christmas tree ornament that's driving Ranunculus crazy--to say that makes me "happy" would seem a little mean--but it sure makes me laugh! Great posting!

Jamie and Randy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Cosmo. I hope the Pansies listen to you. Have you ever eaten them? I hear that you can. Could you imagine what a colorful salad that would make? As far as Ranunculus goes, I think it would be okay to say you are entertained by him. :-)

Cosmo said...

I have eaten pansy blossoms, actually--for a while they (and nasturtiums) were all the rage on salads. They're very pretty, but not that flavorful--very slightly peppery. But I have no pansies where I don't have animals, so, umm, I don't think I'd eat the ones I grow--I'd need a hothouse or a really tall shelf . . .

Frances said...

Hi Randy, I do hope you can find comfort and happiness in this winter, ours has been quite cold so far, but we are having warmer but rainy weather this week. Good for the garden if not the gardener. I refuse to let the cold get me down, I hate it too, but have accumulated good long underwear, waterproof pants and jackets, ski wear works great and hats and gloves and just go out to recharge myself from the fresh air. Your sparkles are so lovely, I imagine the reflections they give when the sun shines through them. Your lovely rose quartz gives me energy and happiness too, thanks so much again for that. Your flowers are trying to cheer you, my friend, do they go to sleep where you live?

Jamie and Randy said...

Thank you Frances. :-) I am doing just fine. It just took a little longer for me to get things in gear this year. All the flowers are asleep as of Friday. Except the Sky Vine and Camellias. As far as the cold goes, I've learned as long as I keep my neck covered it keeps me from getting chilled. Seems the older I get the less tolerance I have for it.

Gail said...

Dear Randy, Winter is hard and harsh. It takes me a long time to get acclimated to cold and then it warms up and then it gets cold again! That is the mid south for you! I love your blooming flowers and their persistence!

Have a good day and keep warm, wear those layers.


Jamie and Randy said...

I know what you mean Gail, hot cold hot cold hot cold. Just when you get use to one the other slips in on you. :-) When I was 17 years old, I had a 64 Mustang convertible I was restoring. It didn't have a top on it all winter long. I could drive it to school in 30 degree weather with short sleeves on and it never bothered me. I couldn't imagine doing that now. LOL

Roses and Lilacs said...

The poor plants, sometimes they get the seasons confused. I guess they are a lot like us, they just want it to be spring so badly.

Jamie and Randy said...

Spring is my most FAVORITE time of the year!:-)

Phillip said...

Beautiful post Randy. Just hang in there - at least our winters are kind of brief! Spring will be here before you know it.

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Hi Randy, I just got your comment about my post on Seasonal Affective Disorder. Have you tried a light box yet? I try to use mine as often as I can for about 30 -50 minutes in the morning. So far this winter I'm a bit 'slower' and don't have as much 'energy' as I'd like, and I do find myself staying in the house more and not wanting to do very much--but, I'm not personally suffering from depression like other years when the winter is here. The lack of sunlight has taken it's toll on me as I've gotten older...but I know this is temporary and it's really not that uncommon. Just hang in's going to be warm soon...and all of us will be so happy to see our gardens brightening up with color. Have a happy New Year! Jan

Jamie and Randy said...

Thanks for the visit! I'm feeling much better already! Maybe I'll hit the tanning bed since I don't have a light box.--Randy