Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well everyone, the new bed is coming right on along and starting to look like a flower bed. We’ve planted it for the most part so it is symmetrical on each side sort of in an ‘S” formation, but opposite so it looks the same if you are standing in the front or in the back. So far we’ve planted 2 Japanese Maples, 6 Buddleia (1 Adonis, 2 Nanho, 1 Honeycomb, 1 White Ball and 1 White Profusion), 1 Texas Lilac, 6 Mexican Heather, 2 Black and Blue Salvia, 1 Royal Purple Mexican Sage Bush, 2 Purple fountain grass, 1 Albelia Kaleidoscope, 5 Lantana (1 New Gold, 2 Confetti, 2 Purple that I don’t know the name of). We also transplanted the Red Crinum I got from Jeanne last year. We got everything mulched with pine straw, if I had know how many sticks were in it we would have raked it up on the side of the road. We are just getting started on this bed and these are just some of the large back bone plants for it. Of course we will be loading it up with filler plants. We also built two of four trellises that will go up on the back fence. One has a yellow Lady Banks Victorian Rose on it and the other has a white Lady Banks Rose on it that we bought by mistake and decided to keep. We also bought and built a wooden arbor and planted Confederate Jasmine on either side of it. The arbor was a gift from one of the pharmacists that works with Jamie. She doesn't garden, but she knows what we lost and how much we loved it and wanted to help. Since the storm we also replace two of the Texas Redbuds (we use to think were Eastern, thank you Annie) and removed the destroyed White Oleanders and replaced them with Natchez Crepe Myrtles. We also added a Pink Dogwood in the center of, and about six feet behind, the new bed. I wish I had more pictures for you, but right now the plants are so small you can barely see them for the pine straw mulch. I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s a start and we feel good about it. We’ll get some good pictures once everything gets a little growth on it. Now if we can just get the grass to cover the remaining Bobcat tracks.




Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Different Look at Tulips

Jamie’s 'Purissma' and 'Bastogne' Tulips came into bloom this past week and he’s been tickled pink about it. I’ve never been a big fan of Tulips myself and since I found out in this area, you have to dig them up, refrigerate them and replant them every year I like them even less. Never the less they are part of our garden and one of the few things that are blooming right now so I felt I should take pictures of them. I sat there on the ground trying to figure out the best way to snap a picture and keep out all the trash from the reconstruction. I started to think about it a little bit. I’ve never met a flower I didn’t like so why was I so uninterested in them?



Then my mind started to wander a little bit and I leaned forward to shift my weight and get more comfortable. When I did I found myself looking down into the flower instead of viewing it from the side. Suddenly, I slipped into some sort of tunnel vision and I found my sight changing. It was almost as if I was looking with my mind rather than my eyes and this was what I saw. These photos are untouched except for the cropping.


I almost felt as if I were inside the flower instead of outside looking in and it occurred to me at that point that maybe flowers are a little like people. At first glance, from outward appearances some may seem a little plain and unexciting. As you spend more time with them and get to know them on a more personal level, you realize that inside there may exist an amazing masterpiece that few take the time to see.






Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Love Redbud Trees

I love Redbud trees, when they bloom it’s a sure sign spring is not too far behind. I’ll get to enjoy them even longer this year than usually. We had to replace two of the three trees in the yard and the ones I purchased were not as far along in the blooming process as the originals so I will have later blooms to enjoy. The ones pictured here are the limbs I salvaged from one that was broken off at the base, I stuck them in a vase on the table. No need to let the blooms go to waste.

I’m not really sure why it’s called a Redbud, seems to me it should have been dubbed a Lavenderbud or a Magentabud tree. It’s believed that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were the people that gave the Eastern Redbud its name. It’s often referred to as a Judas tree, but in actuality the Judas tree was a different species, Cercis Siliquastrum. After doing a little research on these trees I was able to find out that our trees are not Eastern Redbuds, although that is the name under which they were sold to us. Eastern Redbud leaves have a satin appearance and pointed shape tips, our trees have rounded glossy leaves. I noticed last year our leaves were different from our neighbor’s tree but I just brushed it off. Maybe someone out there that’s more knowledgeable can tell me our species.

I have always been fascinated with mythology and legend, so when ever I get the opportunity to incorporate it into my blog I do. Legend has it this was the tree Judas Iscariot hung himself from after betraying Christ. Each year in shame and remorse it weeps tears of blood-like blossoms close to Easter. In most all years it blooms slightly before the dogwood which has long been associated with what? That’s right, the crucifixion. Legend also goes on to say that the limbs of this tree would never be strong enough to hang another man.





Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How About Some Hyacinth

Well, the new bed is completed. This weekend we will be adding some compost and manure to richen up the soil a little bit and then we start adding plants. We also decided to add an additional seven feet or so to the left hand side of the bed so it’s even bigger than the pictures posted here on the blog. I really can’t wait to get started planting, the first new plants will go in this weekend. We’re going to put a Japanese Maple on each end of the bed and just outside of the bed in the center back will go the Pink Dogwood. I want to put at least three of the smaller sized Buddleia in it, or two dwarf and one standard and lots of different types of Daylilies. We will add more plants of course, but right now those are the things that come immediately to mind.

We are starting to get a little color in the yard as the bulbs start to sprout. Over the next couple of weeks I should be posting several different types of Daffodils. I have no idea how many varieties we planted last year. All the stakes got blown away. LOL Meanwhile, here are three of the four Hyacinths that are blooming right now 'Jan Bos', 'White Pearl' and 'Atlantic' The fourth is dragging a little behind so I’ll post a picture of it when it blooms.

'Jan Bos'

Jan Bos

'White Pearl'

White Pearl



Isn't it amazing how the 'Atlantic' changes from a purple to a beautiful blue when the light changes? I love the blue.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

The New Patio Bed

Jamie and I started on one of the new beds last Saturday. I’m getting very excited about watching everything come together. I would say we are about half way thru with what we are calling the “Patio Bed”. I’m still having a hard time adjusting to the barren back yard. I get myself past it by realizing we have a blank canvass. Lately ideas have been pouring into my mind so by the end of summer we should be noticing some major differences in the garden. Right now I’m flip flopping on whether or not to put up a privacy fence. We would have a much better back drop for the garden but, our neighbors on the right hand side put one up a couple of years ago and we never see each other. I really, really like the elderly couple that lives on the left side, so they are my only hesitation in putting up the fence. I enjoy meeting at the fence post to talk.

My Oh So Hard Working Other Half


This bed would already be done were it not for the tremendous amount of tree roots we have to dig up. There were three very large forty year old trees back here and they had many years to stretch out their feet. In the background you can see I’ve pushed the chain link fence back up but it still hasn’t been repaired. I think I can fix it myself, it seems pretty simple.


Looking at Jamie standing there you can get a better idea of the size of the Patio Bed. As big as it is you can tell from the picture it still only covers about seventy percent of the original area. We may extend it just a couple of feet more on the left hand side or Maybe not. I have some ideas for other beds and I may need that area for something else. I climbed on the roof to take the picture.

Jamie Sure is Phoe-toe-genical


Well, you should have a general idea of which direction we are heading with this bed. We have two Japanese Red Maples to plant on the very ends of each side and a Stellar Pink Dogwood to go in the center towards the back. All three will grow to fifteen or twenty foot trees and will eventually provide some shade for the bed but still allow it to get plenty of sun. I’m concerned about the pink dogwood being in full sun, but if we water it well enough it should do just fine. The ones in the front yard were thriving just fine in full sun. The leaves did get a little crispy during August sometimes; it didn’t matter though because Fall is close enough at that point they are only a temporary eye sore.


This little Redbud is the first step towards replanting the garden. We bought two of them to replace the ones broken off in the storm. I got such a sense of satisfaction from planting it in it’s new home. I hope it does well for us.

Eastern Redbud


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello From Us to You...

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post but, as I’m certain you all know I have been extremely busy getting things fixed. Which led to something else, and something else and something else. That, has been a nightmare all on its own. I’ll be so glad when I get thru with this contractor, I wish I had never hired him but, I’m not going to get started on that.

I do have some good news! Jamie and I got seven, that’s right, seven new trees for the garden! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! A very, very, very big thank you and a huge hug go out to Ms. Martha P. from Dave’s Garden, a total stranger that has a heart the size of Texas. With out her, five of them would have never happened. They’re nice trees too, well established. It was absolute HEAVEN to be in a garden center shopping for new trees. I’m so excited! Can I say that again? I’m SO, SO, SO excited! In addition, yesterday we received an EXTREMELY generous gift certificate to Plant Delights Nursery from some wonderful folks in Louisiana we met online thru Gardener's Gumbo. How great is that?! I’ll be posting pictures of the trees soon and the new bed we started. We have a ways to go on it, but anything is progress. Jamie and I make an unbeatable team and we will whip it into shape before you can say Johnjacobjingleheimer… well, what ever his name was.