Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How About Some Hyacinth

Well, the new bed is completed. This weekend we will be adding some compost and manure to richen up the soil a little bit and then we start adding plants. We also decided to add an additional seven feet or so to the left hand side of the bed so it’s even bigger than the pictures posted here on the blog. I really can’t wait to get started planting, the first new plants will go in this weekend. We’re going to put a Japanese Maple on each end of the bed and just outside of the bed in the center back will go the Pink Dogwood. I want to put at least three of the smaller sized Buddleia in it, or two dwarf and one standard and lots of different types of Daylilies. We will add more plants of course, but right now those are the things that come immediately to mind.

We are starting to get a little color in the yard as the bulbs start to sprout. Over the next couple of weeks I should be posting several different types of Daffodils. I have no idea how many varieties we planted last year. All the stakes got blown away. LOL Meanwhile, here are three of the four Hyacinths that are blooming right now 'Jan Bos', 'White Pearl' and 'Atlantic' The fourth is dragging a little behind so I’ll post a picture of it when it blooms.

'Jan Bos'

Jan Bos

'White Pearl'

White Pearl



Isn't it amazing how the 'Atlantic' changes from a purple to a beautiful blue when the light changes? I love the blue.



Jan said...

Nice photos of the Hyacinth. Glad to read that you seem to have a great outlook about your garden after having had so much damage. Nothing like the rebirth of Spring to help us remember that nothing stays the same.

Jan Always Growing

Jamie said...

Yes, it is nice to see the rebirth of Spring again. It'll be interesting to see what was left behind that we can't see yet. Like Randy said, we've lost lots of the garden stakes that names of the plants on them.

Randy and Jamie said...

Jan, that's a wonderful way to look at it:"Nothing like the rebirth of Spring to help us remember that nothing stays the same."