Saturday, September 18, 2010

We Have a Winner!

~~~~ Congrats to Monica the Garden Faerie! She is this month's winner! Thanks to all of you that took the time to participate.~~~~


Hello everyone! It’s time for the September Giveaway sponsored by CSN Stores! This month’s reward is a $65.00 gift certificate that comes in the form of a promotional code. You can use the code to completely purchase an item or you can use the $65.00 to apply to a more expensive item, it’s your choice. You do not have to be a United States resident to participate in this giveaway, but should you win you will have to pay the cost of international shipping charges on whatever you purchase from CSN.

To be eligible for this month’s giveaway, Jamie thought it would be interesting for everyone to share how they developed an interest in Gardening. What it is the driving force within you that makes you get out and toil in the soil? What do you so find so rewarding about gardening? Since Jamie posed this question I think it’s only fair he share his story with us. Don’t you think? So I’ll have him add to this post. Most of you already know my story of the elderly neighbor and my little red wagon.

You can contribute your answer two ways. You can either do it as a blog entry linking back to this post. Be sure to tell us when your post is up and provide a link. Or, if you absolutely do not have the time you may simply reply in the comments. The first is preferred because more people will be aware of the giveaway, but it is not necessary to be eligible. The deadline for participating in the fun is midnight September 17, 2010. Have joined us in the past and not won? Here is another chance for you to receive the gift. The winner’s name will be drawn at random out of the giveaway flower pot by Jamie. Have fun! I look forward to reading your personal stories.


I would have to say that my interest in gardening started with my grandfather. He was always pruning this or that shrub in his yard and his favorite flowers were petunias (hence why I love petunias so much). He kept an immaculately maintained flower garden always. My love for gardening waned a little over the years, but when I started gardening with Randy, my passion to create something beautiful was back in full force. I haven't looked back since! --Jamie