Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Ixora

Jamie and I went on vacation to see friends of ours in Sarasota, Florida. While we were down there we found these shrubs. I read they are members of the Gardenia family. I'm concerned how they will react to our winters here. Hopefully they will do just fine. If they seem to make it with no problems then we will be getting two more colors of them next summer when we pass thru Sarasota again on our way to the Keys.

This was my very first picture with the new camera Jamie bought me. I use a Sony DSC-F717. I just love Macro shots!

Pink Ixora

This is the Maui Red again only the blooms have not begun to fade.

'Maui Red' Fresh Blooms

Red Ixora


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely plant. It looks similar to what we call a Hydrangea, which has varying species.

Tonight I have made a reply to your query in Blogger Help group about your image sizes. Cheers!

Kylee said...

Wow, that 'Maui Red' is just gorgeous!!

Randy and Jamie said...

We put in 159 new blooming plants in our garden this past summer. The pictures next spring and summer should be WONDERFUL! I can't wait.