Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our Moonflowers

It's a cool Sunday morning today, currently 50 degrees outside. I had some plants that I'd been holding inside until the weather warmed up a few degrees. We had a little cold snap and the temperature dropped down to the low thirties. I put the 'Giant Red Crinum' in the ground, along with a 'Black Magic' and 'Imperial' taro that I also received in trade. The 'Black Magic' is a tiny thing so I'm hoping it makes it okay. Right now it seems so fragile and vulnerable. Today, Jamey and I will most likely be planting white Siberian and dwarf Iris. I think we'll also plant the Daffodils today if we have time. We have bulbs for 'Ice King', 'Ice Follies', 'Professor Einstein', 'Tahiti', 'Pink Pride', 'Dutch Master', 'Intrigue', 'Texas' and 'Yellow Cheerfulness'. Meanwhile, you guys can enjoy the 'Moonflower'.

Buds Just Starting to Open

As It Starts to Open

Full Bloom


New Bud


Seed Pods

Seed Pod

Macro Moon

Macro Moon

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