Monday, November 12, 2007

The New Bed Is Finally Mulched

Well, the new bed is finally mulched and I am worn completely out. I walked outside this morning with the intention of only planting some white Siberian Iris and some white Dwarf Iris. I walked over to the table to spread out my rhizomes and I just happened to look up and see one of my neighbors that I’ve never spoken to in the 12 years I’ve lived here getting ready to gather up his leaves with the lawn mower. I’d been looking at his back yard thinking all those maple leaves in it would be just what I needed to finish mulching that new bed Jamie and I have been working on. Never having spoken to him before, I was a little nervous to go up to him and ask about the leaves. Finally my desire to get those leaves out weighed my fear of talking to him, it’s only been in the last couple of weeks that he’s ever even acknowledged my presence when we were both in our backyards at the same time. I walked up to the fence and asked him for the leaves and he said that I was more than welcome to them. Turns out he’s a pretty nice fellow. He even loaded the bags up in his truck and drove them around the block to my house, five 55 gallon bags full of stick and trash free ‘Silver Maple’ leaves. I had to take my leaf vacuum and mulch them up some more, but I didn’t mind. It was just enough leaves to finish that bed and it looks wonderful now! While waiting for the leaves I also planted some pretty ‘Cast Iron Plants’ that Sonny and Lewis were nice enough to share with us and I trimmed up the ‘Don Juan’ rose. After all that I raked the back yard, so I could fully enjoy the new bed free from yard debris. Since I’ve just recently posted pictures of the new bed I’ll show you the ones I took today at a later date. Meanwhile, here’s the ‘Desire’ amaryllis I found blooming in one of the other beds we made this past summer. It's slightly lighter than the 'Red Lion' I purchased from the same place.

‘Desire’ Amaryllis

Red Lion


LostRoses said...

Okay, you haven't spoken to your neighbor once in 12 years?? How did you manage that? LOL! Sounds like you picked a good time to break the silence and get all those lovely leaves for mulch.

Love that Apple Blossom amaryllis!

Randy and Jamie said...

I'm not really sure how I managed that... Maybe the shrubs got in the way? Thank you for visiting my Blog!:-) Mr. Brown Thumb and I have just about decided the 'Apple Blossom are mis-labeled 'Red Lion'. They're still pretty though.