Sunday, November 4, 2007

Activity Around the Bird Bath

Well the air is really cooling down here and it's obvious that fall is making its way into our garden. Every thing is starting to look a little weathered and all the leaves are starting to fall. There was a lot of activity around the birdbath this morning so I though I would catch a couple of shots of it from the bathroom window. I have a good view from there. I expect this guys is thirsty from munching on Jamie's Tulip bulbs. I didn't see him doing it, but he had a guilty look on his face earlier. Speaking of bulbs Jamie and I have 355 of them to plant sometime soon. I bought them yesterday, Daffodils, Tulips, Dutch Iris, Hyacinth and Calla Lily.

Thirsty Squirrel

Here is a wren, I think he is trying to decide if it's too cool to get his feet wet this morning.


Here's another squirrel no doubt busy hiding an acorn he's found from the giant oak next door. With all those acorns laying around they have no excuse for munching on our bulbs and ginger plants.

Hiding a Treasure

My mother always told me whenever you see cardinals it's a sure sign that cooler weather is on the way. So I expect the temperatures will be staying down from this point on. I guess we'll see.


This one has just been busy digging around our Walking Irises. I would be willing to bet he's the same one that's been mulching on our ginger plants. Ginger is suppose to be good for an upset tummy. Maybe he's been eating it to stop a belly ache from eating our other bulbs.

The Destroyer

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