Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Daylilies, Getting Tired of Them Yet?

Good morning everyone! I’m still half asleep so it I have typos please excuse them. Jamie and I will be out the door shortly to go visit Phillip and Michael from Dirt Therapy. I understand the Hydrangeas are looking great up there so we don’t want to miss that. I never tire of visiting Phillip’s Garden.

I thought I would show you some more of our Daylilies, I think at this point we have covered about 2/3 of them. We bought what we believed to be ‘Custard Candy’ a couple of years ago and ended up with some really strange orange daylily. I couldn’t even begin to describe the color to you. Well we saw the real ‘Custard Candy’ a couple of weeks ago and decided since it’s been in our plant inventory for so long we might as well really add it.

Custard Candy

'Wild Mustang'

Wild Mustang

We have had several surprises in the garden when it comes to the daylilies, ‘Strawberry Candy is a good example. It’s one of four lilies we have that were two different colors when we bought them. I’ve made it a point to tie around the different fans so we can divide the colors this fall. I Googled ‘Strawberry Candy’ and both of the colors are listed under that name in just about equal numbers. I guess we’ll call them SC1 and SC2.

Strawberry Candy

If I had to pick a favorite color for the ones we have in our collection right now ‘Grape Ripples’ would be it. It’s such a beautiful color. I wouldn’t mind having an entire bed of nothing but these.

Grape Ripples

'Sound of Silence'

Sound of Silence

'Chicago Mist'

Chicago Mist

'Frances Fay'

Frances Fay

When we bought this one is was simply named ‘Violetta’. But I believe is ‘Violetta Mondrian’


'Little Girl'

Little Girl



‘Little Missy’ was the second Daylily I purchased in our collection. So it will always have a special place in my heart. I was just starting to get interested in gardening when I got this.

Little Missy

'Merle Kent'

Merle Kent



'Irving Hepner'

Irving Hepner



'Gentle Shepherd'

Gentle Shepherd


Anonymous said...

Nope I never get tired of looking at your gorgeous collection of Daylillies. So many wonderful colors going on in your garden right now. :) Hope you had a nice time visiting Phillip.

sweet bay said...

I never tire of looking at daylilies. :) You have so many beautiful ones it's hard to pick a favorite, but wow I really like Grape Ripples and Tang (looks just like velvet).

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I never tire of them either, so keep posting the photos. I may be late to blogs because of my own gardening and activities, but I'm happy to see these beauties.


Jan said...

You have some really lovely daylilies in your garden. I am so glad that you found a real Custard Candy. It is one of my favorites.

Always Growing

Skeeter said...

Do you keep name tags by each one or do you have the names memorized? You have so many I think I would be confused as to whom is whom. They are each and everyone stunning beauties so keep em coming for us to enjoy!

Jamie and Randy said...

I can remember the names of them about 90% of the time, but after winter comes and goes it all goes out the window. :-)We use those almuminum tags that you emboss with a pen. They can come in very handy. :-)

I apologize for not resonding to each comment but I seem to have picked up some nasty bug and I've been very sick the past few days.

CiNdEe said...

All your daylilies are just gorgeous!
I love daylilies and don't have near enough!
I loved seeing all your pictures! Thanks for sharing them!!!!

Skeeter said...

Get Well soon!

Annie in Austin said...

Daylilies aren't around long enough to get tired of them! Gentle Shepherd may be an oldie but it's sure a goodie.

A few of the Austin garden bloggers went to see a private daylily garden that was open on Memorial Day. The daylily guy is up to 800 varieties now, although less than 1/2 were in bloom on that day. Bet you'd have loved it!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Can someone get tired of looking at daylilies? I don't think so. Have a good time visiting. Bring home some pictures to show us.