Monday, May 11, 2009

Blooming May 11, 2009

Well, May is upon us and flowers are opening up all over the garden. No doubt in the next couple of months I shall fill you to the brim with photos of daylilies. They are all getting ready to burst into bloom. Here are a few of the things blooming this week.

'Stella D'Oro'




This was suppose to be Clematis 'Confetti' but instead it's one of those surprise clematis that had the wrong tag on it. :-) It's still very pretty.


'Double River Wye'

Double River Wye

'Red Cascade'

Red Cascade

'Aztec Gold'

Aztec Gold

'Anthony Waterer'

Anthony Waterer





'Little Princess'

Little Princess


Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning. Your photos are lovely. That clematis is beautiful, not a bad surprise;) I have lots of daylilies too. They are all older varieties bought when I first moved here 20 years ago. I can't decide whether I should replace them with newer ones that rebloom.

Gail said...

Good morning...Lovely post filled with beautiful flowers that would look scrumptious here! I planted Red cascade...I hope it looks as good as yours! I've seen a few buds, but it wants the sun to shine! The Double River Wye is a beauty...I can't wait to see more blooms this summer! Gail

Jamie and Randy said...

My theory is if you have other flowers that bloom during the year it doesn't matter if they rebloom or not. If I dug up Daylilies I've had for 20 years I'd pot those rascals two fans to a pot and have a Saturday morning daylily sale. :-)

This is Red Cascades second season here and it's been put in the ground in two different places and has loved both of them. (It can grow faster and get larger than the tag said.) I'm sure you will be very pleased with it. :-)--Randy

Dirt Princess said...

The day lilies are great! I love the double! I have a few that have bloomed, but more that are about to bloom.

sweet bay said...

Your surprise Clematis is lovely. I'm drooling over 'Double River Wye' and 'Aztec Gold'.

Jamie and Randy said...

Dirt Princess I hope we have a good show this year. This will be the daylilies second season so I'm hoping for a lot of blooms.

Sweet Bay,
They are really pretty colors! Don't you think? I'm very pleased with the clematis color, but I wish I knew the name of it.--Randy

perennialgardener said...

Your photos are gorgeous today! My Stellas are just sending up buds now. You are a bit ahead of me. :) I've been considering adding 'Little Princess' to my garden, after seeing yours it's a definite must add.

Becca's Dirt said...

I sure do like the clematis. That was a good surprise. The blue is so soothing. Red cascade is beautiful. Lots of gorgeous flowers. Becca

Chandramouli S said...

You definitely chose the right name for your blog, Jamie and Randy. Your show of flowers really makes it look like Eden! The daylilies look riotous!