Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the Garden 05.27.09

I haven’t posted any wide shots of the garden lately so I thought I would show you a few pictures. Everything is starting to grow in really well. Next year the Daylilies should be awesome!

Jamie and I have made it back from vacation and we have a lot of pictures to show you from our trip. Today is also our six year anniversary and we intend on spending it doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. Tomorrow is also Jamie’s Birthday; he will be a spry 26 years old. Okay, on with the photos. No commentary just some pictures. Sorry they are so dark; it was very overcast this morning.









Eastside Bed

Japanese Climbing Hydrangea 'Moonlight'

Japanese Climbing Hydrange Moonlight

'Conestoga' Canna and Verbena

Conestoga and Verbena

Vitex and Coneflower 'Sunset'

Vitex and Sunset

'Fairytale Pink'

Fairytale Pink Cluster


tina said...

It looks straight out of Fine Gardening. Happy Anniversary to you both, and a Happy Birthday to Jamie.

karenleigh said...

Everything looks so gorgeous! I love your curves and neat edges. My 'Sunset' coneflower is getting ready to bloom. I love seeing a preview.
Happy Anniversary!

Jimmy and Wade said...

Hey guys, Happy anniversary. Hope you guys have a great evening just relaxing and Happy birthday Jamie. What are you 21 again?

Skeeter said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Jamie as well! Wow, lots to celebrate and how wonderful you have time off to do so. I have been catching up on your post today and my, I must say some beautiful pictures with old and new cameras. Bully birds, Baby birds, New Garden border, Garden tour and lots of beautiful blooms! Have fun where ever you end up for vacation! Sorry your back went out and hope all is better now :-)

compost in my shoe said...

Beautiful shots.......congrats on a lot in life!!!!

Jamie and Randy said...

Thanks Tina! It is looking better this year, most especially since the daylilies are starting to grow in some and produce more blooms.

I trim the edges every week when I cut the grass. ‘Sunset’ is doing a lot better for us this year than it did last. The blooms are much prettier, it almost got shovel pruned last year.

W and J-
Jamie is hanging in bed this morning, but I’ll pass along your well wishes when he gets up.

You must have done a loooooooooooot of reading to go that far back! Even just looking at the photos t is a lot. I’m glad you enjoy our blog, that makes it worth doing. My back is indeed better now. I still get a “twinge” every now and then, but I am taking extra care not to do things I know I shouldn’t now.

Thank very much for the well wishes!

Roses and Lilacs said...

You guys have done a wonderful job. I love the way the swath of grass bends and winds around corners, drawing the eye and making the viewer wonder what is just past that curve. Perfect.

Happy Birthday Jamie, and Happy Anniversary to you both. It's wonderful you both share a love of gardening.

sweet bay said...

Your garden is looking wonderful -- so many different textures and colors. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday to Jamie!

Debbie said...

It is Beeeautiful! Random, yet exact and neat. Very nice.


Sandy said...

Your garden is looking so beautiful. All your hard work is showing off. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday as well.


Jamie and Randy said...

Thank you all for the warmest anniversary and birthday wishes! AND the great comments on the photos, too. Randy always does manage to get some great shots of the garden ;0)


Jamie and Randy said...

Thanks Marnie,
It is very fortunate that we both love gardening. I didn’t realize just how lucky we were until Pam at Digging mentioned it several months ago. I guess it’s just hard for me to imagine that there are people that aren’t into gardening.

Thank you so much Sweet Bay, we were just walking around tonight thinking how very nice everything looks and discussing maybe installing some lights.

Debbie and Sandy,
Welcome, welcome, welcome. I hope you’ll stick around and visit with us again. We love getting new visitors and making new friends.

Wayne said...

Happy Aniversary guys! Your still newlyweds! At least compared to our 32 years. Hope you make it that long too!
And Craig doesn't do any of the gardening. But he has other talents, so we complement each other well.

Jamie and Randy said...

32 years is quite an accomplishment Wayne! If Jamie and I are together that long I'll be 74years old. :-)-- Randy

Jan said...

When I think back to how your property looked after the tornado, I am amazed at what you guys have done in such a short period of time. You should be very proud of your wonderful garden. Happy anniversary and happy birthday, Jamie.

Always Growing

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Everything is filling in so nice and looks lush. Happy Anniversary. I hope you celebrated. You get a twofer since Jamie's birthday follows. Happy Birthday Jamie.