Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daylilies and Daylilies and Daylilies...

Well, daylily season is upon us and I shall bore you to tears the next couple of weeks with pictures of them. BTW last year we had a bad problem with some of the less disease resistant ones getting leaf streak, can anyone out there suggest a treatment for it? It does nothing to harm the blooms, but the foliage just looks terrible when it take over. Okay, on with the show.

We have two little lilies in our garden that are major work horses when it comes to blooms. ‘Little Mystic Moon’ below is the first one. Last year this plant only had three fans and it produced hundreds of blooms. I’m not exaggerating either; if you want a daylily that will reward you with all it has this little plant is the way to go.

I’ve posted a lot of pictures, so like I always do in situations like this I will comment less so you can enjoy the pictures more.

'Little Mystic Moon'

Little Mystic Moon



'Sweet Southern Sun'

Sweet Southern Sun

'Always Afternoon'

Always Afternoon

'Chorus Line'

Chorus Line

'Theresa Hall'

Theresa Hall

'Gordon Biggs'

Gordon Biggs

'Lady Georgia'

Lady Georgia

'Joan Senior'

Joan Senior



When we purchased this daylily it was marked as ‘Custard Candy’, which it isn’t. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the lilies in the “Candy” line but I have no idea which one it is. If you think you have some idea of the name whether it’s right or wrong I would like to research it.

Not Custard Candy

‘Regency Dandy’ like ‘Little Mystic Moon’ is a must have. This plant goes crazy with blooms allllll summer long. Just look at all the buds in the second picture; it will continue to bud like this for months.

'Regency Dandy'

Regency Dandy

Regency Dandy Buds

'Daring Deception'

Daring Deception

'Crimson Pirate'

Crimson Pirate

'Stella Supreme'

Stella Supreme

'King Lamoni'

King Lamoni

'Raspberry Pixie'

Raspberry Pixie2

'Happy Returns'

Happy Returns

'Red Rum'

Red Rum

'Strawberry Candy'

Strawberry Candy

'Mildred Mitchell'

Mildred Mitchell

'Tiny Pumpkin'

Tiny Pumpkin

'Apricot Sparkle'

Apricot Sparkle

Okay, that’s it for the daylily trail this week, I promise to try and mix it up a little between posts about them.


Jimmy and Wade said...

Randy and Jamie, Thanks so much for getting me interested in gardening. I never imagined I would enjoy it as much as I do. I know Jimmy and I have enjoyed working together in the yard and searching out new ideas for the next phase. Many thanks and happy returns.

compost in my shoe said...

boy, that daylily bug certainly bit you two hard! Beautiful blooms. Ours just started last week. Love the freshness of the flowers as they open.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I didn't realize that you collect irises AND daylilies! To have labeled all of them -- impressive! :-)

They are all so lovely.

I have 'Joan Senior' and 'Happy Returns' as well as common Stella. Stella is blooming and the others are full of buds -- a good year for daylilies. I have no idea of leaf streak -- never even heard of it.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous blooms with us. I will not ever be bored by looking at your garden photos, so keep on posting!

PS... I know. Monet's house is a dream and I didn't want to leave! Lots more photos today and tomorrow.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

So, I'm sensing you have a lot of... tulips? No... Peonies? No... DAYLILIES! Yes! Love all the bright colors and forms. Even the buds are cute.

Jamie and Randy said...

I knew you would have to cave under the pressure sooner or later. LOL I’m glad to see you are enjoying your self.

CIM Shoe,
We get bit by bugs all the time. LOL unfortunate it happened again this weekend at a local nursery. LOL

We about 70 different daylilies right now and we have plans to make an Iris/Daylily bed before too long. It’s on the list of things to do with a hundred other things.:-)

Good to hear from you! I thought you might have worked your poor self to death in the garden. You’ll be hearing from me a little later today. ;-)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Absolutely love Mildred Mitchell and Catalina. Just got a new catalog of sale plants. Those new pie crust edges and fluffy doubles really appeal to me.

Jamie and Randy said...

Mildred Mitchell is one of my favorites too. This is the first year she's bloomed for us. Last year we accidently broke off the spike.

sweet bay said...

Your daylilies are lovely!

Bored to tears? No way. Tears of envy? Yeah. lol

tina said...

So many and so very lovely!

Darla said...

Oh I must increase my Daylily collection, these are gorgeous!

Jamie and Randy said...

Sweet Bay,
Thank you very much!

We get stuck on something and we just keep buying and buying and buying.

As far as I’m concerned daylilies are the stars of late spring and early summer.If you are serious considering getting some you should know some are more disease resistant than others. I wished I had done more research before we bought some of them.

Dirt Princess said...

They are all stunning!!! Some of mine have bloomed already, but more are about to bloom. The photos are great as usual. Did ya'll get much rain?

Jamie and Randy said...

It pretty much rained all day Sunday in a steady drizzle. It rained pretty hard Saturday night and washed some of the mulch out of the beds.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely collection of daylillies you have in your garden R & J! I love the black stamens on Mystic Moon. I only have 3 varieties in my own garden and Stella is my workhorse along with a pass-a-long that I don't have the name for. :)

Frances said...

Oh R and J, this was too wonderful for words. You are ahead of us and I love the preview of coming attractions. We share Strawberry Candy, offspring Semi has Daring Deception. I also have Chorus Line Kid, so that sort of counts. This year I am going to list all the daylilies we grow on a seperate page on the blog, inspired by you guys. I need to get crackin' on that. :-)

Gail said...

They are all beauties! Who could get bored with this eye candy. I have about 40 different day lilies...some are named the others have lost their labels! Not me, I didn't lose them...the daylilies lost them!

But, I am going to look for the constant bloomers you've mentioned!

Thanks for a lovely visit!


Chandramouli S said...

OMG! My head's spinning! I love your obsessions Jamie and Randy! Like the Irises and Orchids and now this Daylily! You guys are simply awesome. I love you both! 'Regency Dandy' has such killer looks!
And about the leaf streak, try Mint extract: Grind 250g of mint leaves into a paste and add 2 litres of water to it. Stir it well, strain the extract and spray it.
Or, you could do the same with 50g of lemongrass in 2 litres of water - only here you should soak it for few hours and strain instead of grinding.

BTW, if you don't have the followup enabled in my latest post, here's the reply:

Oh, I know it's always difficult to choose one, Jamie & Randy, but I'm gonna ask you the same question as I did to Marion. What if I offered you one of them - JUST one of them? Which would would you choose? (Am I evil again? Ask Marion) [chuckling]

Jan said...

You have some great daylilies in your garden. I love the pink-toned ones. I am definitely going to add more daylilies to my garden. They are such great plants.

Always Growing

Jamie and Randy said...

Thank you Racquel! I love Stellas too; they are worth every penny for all the blooms they make. Did you know there is a ‘Purple D’Oro’ too? We have just one and I wish when we had seen them we got more. The blooms are spectacular.

Making a list of your daylilies is the only way to keep up with them and not buy the same one twice. (Which we just did anyway) We are running out of space so we are going to have to start limiting ourselves to really unique ones now. :-)

I’m sure over the years we will lose the names of some of ours too. It’s only a matter of time, like I told Frances the only reason why I really care is to keep me from making duplicate purchases. An unknown name doesn’t make them any less beautiful to me.

Does it need to be peppermint or spearmint? And to answer you question it would be the ‘Grand Duke of Tuscany’ without a doubt!

Ahhhhh, so Jan, you are a pink lady? I think my favorite pink is Janet. That just the name we gave it because the lady before us gave it that name when her friend Janet gave it to her. Do you recognize the orange one mislabeled as Custard Candy?

Jake said...

Love seeing peoples Daylillies! I will need to add more in my yard in Florida. I left so many back in Kentucky last May when I moved.


Wayne said...

A beautiful collection! Can't wait for mine to bloom!

Jamie and Randy said...

Glad to have you with us!Just think of all the tropicals you'll be able to grow in Florida!

I'm looking forward to seeing some of your blooms!

Chandramouli S said...

Any mint would do.

karenleigh said...

They're all gorgeous! I'll never get tired of looking at photos of them. I can't wait for my daylilies to bloom.

Sylvia (England) said...

Randy and Jamie, your daylilies are beautiful, stunning photos. I am impressed that you know the name of the all!

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

Jamie and Randy said...

I'm so glad you paid us a visit! We labeled all of them with aluminum tags plus we’ve inventoried all of our plants on line and in an electronic file. It keeps us from buying the same plant twice. We got almost 400 plants last year so it was the only way to keep track of everything. :-)--Randy

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Little Mystic Moon looks a lot like my 'Song Sparrow' daylily. All of these are gorgeous. I will look forward to seeing all that you have to show us.