Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Iris...

Here are more blooms for some of the iris fans out there. This first flower is ‘Gypsy Romance’ like most of the other irises in our garden it was a new addition this year. This is the first time its bloomed and it is certainly no disappointment.


Next up is ‘Invitation’, this little pretty is new to the garden this year and rewarding us with our first bloom ever. I’m looking forward to many years of these little beauties.


‘Hello Darkness’ is enjoying it’s second year with us as well. By next year, there should be a nice large plant here.

Hello Darkness

This is another shot of ‘Judy’s Blue’. I’ve already posted it once, but I couldn’t resist these blooms in the ‘Crimson Queen’. This flower spike is over 4 feet tall!


This is another un-named pass along iris that has been planted for almost three years and is blooming for the first time. We affectionately call this ‘Polly’s Purple’.

Polly's Purple

We bought this iris last year and for the life of me I don’t know how it managed to escape being documented without the correct name. We slipped up on this one. It’s not I’m that much of a plant snob, but when we are out buying new plants if you know the names of the ones you already have you won’t accidently buy it again. Jamie and I have almost 400 different plants in the garden now and we need a list to keep up with everything.


Oooooooooh and look at this new baby we got week before last. She’s not in the ground yet because we haven’t decided where we want to put her. This is ‘Edith Wolford’ and isn’t she a doll? I staged this shot for you and the one below. Doesn’t she look pretty with the ‘Sweet Southern Sunshine’ Daylily? Aaaaaaaaahhhhh… I just love a beautiful iris!

Edith Wolford

Sweet Southern Sunshine and Edith Wolford


tina said...

You must surely be an iris lover. I like all of yours but 'Invitation' must be my favorite. I don't have an orange one. I do have 'Edith Wofford' and simply adore her. A later bloomer here. You noticed one of my irises, I sure wish you lived close by so you can come dig some! I must have a truckful! I've dug many, but more to go, including that old maroon one. Plant sale at the end of the month, but I never would've though it would be so difficult to dig irises. The clumps are a problem. Anyhow, lovely lovely irises! And don't worry on a plant slipping by. It happens occasionally. Maybe someone will identify your mystery iris.

Dirt Princess said...

I can't pick just one!!!! They are all wonderful. How many irises do you grow? I have a growing admiration for them. A lot of mine still haven't bloomed...not sure why. Maybe they are just slow....

Darla said...

Just beautiful! My iris have not bloomed yet!

Jamie and Randy said...

I think few flowers in this world are as beautiful as an iris! Soooo many beautiful colors!

Dirt Princess,
We currently have over 40 different irises. Usually when we have irises that aren't blooming there is one or two things that could be the cause. Either they are not getting enough sun or they are planted too deep. If you just planted them, they may be summer or fall bloomers give it this season and if they don't bloom I would move them. :-)

I would think in Florida you would be enjoying iris blooms by now. Of course we still have several that haven't bloomed yet too.--Randy

sweet bay said...

Your iris are beautiful!! I can't pick a favorite.

Wow, 40 different iris... I have a lot of Jesse's Song and a white noid, with probably 15 others mixed in, but 40 sounds a lot better!

Jan said...

Everything looks so pretty. I love all your choices, but Polly's Purple is a gorgeous color. With so many irises, it seems for you guys that they are like potato chips.

Always Growing

Jamie and Randy said...

Sweet Bay, those aren't all bearded now, some of them are other types.The largest majority of them are bearded though.

Exactly! Just like potato chips!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I love iris, especially the Gypsy Romance and the two really dark ones. Nice!

Chandramouli S said...

I am an Iris lover too! I'm still checking out the local nurseries and shops for them and all I get is, "Irises? Who's that?"
I love all of them. Do any of them have fragrance?

Annie in Austin said...

I had to look up the originally ordered 'Confetti' clematis from the last post - very cute but nothing like what you got, although the mystery blue one is really lovely, Randy.

'Hello Darkness', wish you were my old friend and grew in my Austin garden....love those almost black iris!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Becca's Dirt said...

Your irises are outstanding. I love all of them - can't pick a favorite. You have got to be the "Iris Lady". Nice post. Becca

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

More stunning irises from your collection! I hope one of you is an artist who uses the irises as subjects for your paintings (can you tell that I've been in the land of Monet?).

Got your last email after we were in Paris. I'll have to go back and reread as everything is a blur right now, having gotten to sleep after 1:00am this morning after being up for 24 hours straight.


Darla said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Four O'clocks.....a little late though, I planted seed throughout my full sun garden!! sigh.....It is my reseeder garden though and I have lots of people always asking for plants.....

Connie said...

Edith Wolford looks like she is going to a ball... in a fancy ruffled party dress. Love the color of Invitation, so soft and pretty.
My irises are just budding up, so looking forward to the blooms.

Gail said...

Beautiful iris! The black and near black iris are stunning....but then so is Ms Edith! Are they planted in a dedicated iris bed or all about the garden? gail

Jamie and Randy said...

I thought the dark ones were kind of interesting too! The have sooooooooooo many different types of iris now.

I’ve been told that several of them have a fragrance, but I’m ashamed to say I have never taken time to stop and smell the flowers.

I think the blue is much prettier too. As far as Hello Darkness goes, you know when it gets large enough to divide we can make it part of your Austin garden. *wink*

Maybe the Iris Queen, but I’m no lady. LOL

Cameron! I hope you enjoyed your trip! Welcome back! Of course you know I’m waiting for pictures.

I think four O’clocks are beautiful, I’m sure you will be pleased with yours.

I’m afraid Edith has spoiled Jamie and I. I think from this point on we will only be collection bi-colored iris. She is definitely a beauty.

Jamie and Randy said...

Good morning Gail!
The iris are planted all over the garden, but lately we have been considering dedicating a bed to them and maybe Daylilies since they seem to be our two favorites. We would have spring and summer blooms that way.--Randy

perennialgardener said...

You have some beautiful Bearded Iris cultivars in your garden J & R. I love Gypsy Romance, that color would look great in my garden. ;)

Frances said...

Hi J and R, plenty of oohing and aahing to go around at your place. My daughter Semi has Edith, and many more than I do. Gypsy Romance is stunning. Don't you love the names too? I can be swayed by a name with the daylilies and iris, since so many are similar in appearance. What a fun job that would be, thinking up names?

Muum said...

I love iris, too. Mostly the german/bearded ones, but I do have some mini iris that are great - they bloom early and multiply like crazy. Enjoyed seeing your iris!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have some beautiful iris here Randy. As you noticed I like Iris too. I am impressed that your iris all have names except one. I think that is really good.

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

Cottage Dome said...

I just discovered your blog today. I absolutely love your iris photos. Your yard is also very beautiful. My "Gypsy Romance" does not look like yours. Is it a Schreiner iris? Mine is.