Monday, April 18, 2011

The Iris Parade

Change of Pace

Well, the Irises are continuing to bloom in the garden and they’re looking really beautiful. Some of my favorites were lost last year, but I’m sure I'll replace them with ones that I like just as much. Plus it’s good to put something new and interesting in the garden. Several new friends have been by to see the blooms and they think the garden is so pretty right now. LOL I think to myself, wait for another month or two, it’s just starting to wake up.

Orange Harvest

Blueberry Bliss

The roses are also starting to bloom as well. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t get really excited about them this year for some reason. I’m kind of like, oh… I see the roses are blooming. I think I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to slow down and enjoy things. It’s not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon either. I’m traveling away from home on the weekends now and spending less time in the garden. Things are looking really nice though. It’s reaching a point where it really cares for its self now. I just do a little weeding here and there. The weeds in the grass are the big issue right now.


I took the photos below on my trip this past weekend. Look at this magnificent oak. I walked around quietly underneath it and I could hear the whispers of hundreds of years. The sounds of family picnics, the young man that professed his love for his bride to be when he gave her a ring, a mother yelling at her son to get down before he breaks his leg or arm and maybe even broken promises… Can you imagine what this tree has witnessed in its lifetime?


I hope you all have a wonderful week. God Bless~ Randy




Darla said...

Beautiful Irises and that rose is very pretty Randy...getting some miles on that new ride are you?

Cameron said...

Lovely photos! That blue iris is ELECTRIC! WOW!

Randy Emmitt said...


The blue one, wow!! These are really something. My grandfather had over 300 different irises back in the 70s. The state bought his land to build a lake and he gave them all away. None remain in the family as best I know .

Gary said...

Now this is an inspirational post! Beautiful - G

Garden Lily said...

The blue on that third iris is brilliant! Love that old tree, too.

The Sage Butterfly said...

Your irises are gorgeous. And that Oak tree is such a treasure. I hope you never need to take it down.

Doc said...

Stunning Iris, love that old tree

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your irises are beautiful. So different than what I see around here. Love seeing the wildlife in your area too.

Chandramouli S said...

Wow! Your Irises seem dressed for carnival! Wish I could witness the beauty in person too.
I see you had a great weekend. You're so true about trees. They must probably be the most wisest ones living on earth as they've seen people of all kind and creed.

scottweberpdx said...

Those are gorgeous Iris...I'm sad for the ones you lost :-(

Jim Long said...

I know it's sad to lose plants. I had to move my old iris garden last year to make room for my mother in law's bathroom. The irises are still looking forlorn, stuffed around the trunk of an old pear tree. They'll get a new home eventually, but not in time to bloom this season. I love the variety of colors you have. They are such delightful, happy looking plants and I look forward to sticking my nose deep into the petals and trying to memorize the fragrance for later.