Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breathing Life Into An Old Blog


Hello everyone! Two years ago I started another blog and I didn’t tell anyone about it. It’s been sitting patiently waiting for my return and I’ve decided that there is no better time than the present, so I'll be making the first new post soon. During my absence the last couple of years I have been offered one lesson after another and I’m in a place now where I am beginning to see and understand the value of what was being presented to me. So now it’s time to discuss what has happened and what I’ve learned so far. This blog is simply a collection of my idle ramblings and thoughts; it has nothing to do with gardening. I guess it will become somewhat of an online journal for me and will also give me a chance to expand my photography to something other than garden photos. Some of you may enjoy it, others may be bored by it and a few may dismiss it as complete idiocy, but I invite you all to visit it if you like. Join me as I stumble through life and have the occasional epiphany. Crossing Through Windows, hope to see you there. God Bless~Randy


Southern Lady said...

Love your other blog! Carla

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good luck with your other blog Randy.