Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Little Rose Collection

In Our Eden Jamie and I have started a small collection of roses. We were inspired to try again by Phillip’s wonderful rose garden. Years ago I had 16 or 17 hybrid tea roses. While they were beautiful to look at and I did very well with them, they were just way too much work. If you didn’t spray them at least once a week the black spot would take over and soon you would be left with nothing but blooming stems. Here are a few roses blooming in our garden. I’ve tried my best to provide you with dates of introduction, to my knowledge they are correct but I could be mistaken.

‘Dr. Van Fleet’ 1910

Dr. Van Fleet

‘Caldwell Pink’

Caldwell Pink

I’m not certain of the name of this rose. It’s a hardy old shrub rose that my neighbor gave me. The blooms are simple and they don’t last for long, but when it blooms… you can smell the scent all over the garden!


This is ‘New Dawn’ -1930; she’s just about bloomed out for the year. I still wanted to get a picture of her for the list. From what I understand ‘Dr. Van Fleet’ is her father.

New Dawn

‘Peggy Martin’ did not disappoint us this year! We just planted this rose in our garden last summer and look at it. The best part is it’s thorn less. I can really appreciate a rose with no thorns. This rose survive 2 weeks under salt water after hurricane Katrina in the garden of Ms. Peggy Martin, hence the name.

Peggy Martin

Jamie and I know very few or really, no gardeners in our area. On one of the streets coming into our neighborhood is a house with a beautiful garden in the front and back. I’m not the type of person to just walk right up and knock on a stranger’s door so I’ve been waiting for two years to catch the owner outside. Well, I finally did. His name is Ray; he’s a master gardener and a super nice guy. He showed me around his garden and I got a chance to see his wonderful Japanese Maple collection. I invited Ray to see our garden and later that evening he popped in on us. It was really neat to show our garden like that. Other than Phillip and Michael, we haven’t had the chance to show off our hard work to other gardeners in person. I mean, you can show it to your non-gardening friends, but only another gardener can fully understand the hard work and love that you’ve put into it. The next morning Ray popped in on us again, this time with a beautiful gift. This ‘The Fairy’ -1932 rose! The crazy thing is I was just reading about it the day before. How cool is that?



I’m particularly pleased with this new purchase! 'Petit Pink Scotch', I love it! We got it this weekend at one of our favorite nurseries. This rose was discovered in an 18th century plantation garden in North Carolina in 1949. It was believed to have been brought there by Scottish or English immigrants.

Petit Pink Scotch1

This is what I love about it! Look at it's itty bitty blooms! Dontcha just love them? ‘Petit Pink Scotch’ it can make a 4 to 6 foot mound of beautiful tiny blooms. The only drawback (if it even is one) is it’s the thorniest think you’ve ever seen. I think I can deal with the thorns in exchange for the blooms.

Petit Pink Scotch2

‘Petit Pink Scotch’ 1949

Petit Pink Scotch3

‘Red Cascade’ 1976

Red Cascade

‘Veilchenblau’ 1909 and ‘Zephirine Droughin’ 1868


The KnockOut hedge really filled in well. ‘Radtko’ 2005


‘Crepuscule’ 1904


‘Dortmund’ 1955


‘Reve d’Or’ 1869

Reve d'Or

I'm glad you took this little garden tour with me! :-)


Jamie, Randy and Maxx said...

I'm so excited about all of our roses that we're beginning to collect. I wasn't too thrilled about them at first, but now I am. I can't wait for them to get a little older and really put on a show!


Phillip said...

Wow, they are looking good. What is the new one you bought? You forgot to mention the name. "The Fairy" is a great rose, you will love it. I'm afraid the rain is going to mess ours up today - and Southern Living was coming! :(

sweet bay said...

Your rose collection doesn't look small to me at all, just fabulous! I have some of the same roses you do -- Caldwell Pink, Veilchenblau, Crepuscule -- and love them. Once you get the right kind of roses for your area they can be very rewarding.

Love the Peggy Martin. She looks very decadent and beautiful!

Phillip said...

Forgot to say - I can't believe your "Peggy Martin". Our is blooming but nothing like that. It needs more sun!

Jan Goldfield said...

Randy and Jamie, your garden is exquisite. Randy, your camera work is publication worthy. You just keep getting better and better.

Barbarapc said...

So many lovely roses here that I've never seen. So very beautiful. I've jotted down a couple of names - probably only have room for one or two - my sunny spots are limited. Peggy Martin is astounding.

The Gaudy Garden said...

Beautiful! Dortmund is one of my all time favs, as is Caty Road Pink.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have quite a collection to me. They are all beauties. The petite Scotch Pink is a sweetie. What fun to discover a Gardener, a generous gardener, (aren't we all??) in your neighborhood. When one loves their garden you just want to share it. He knew you would properly appreciate his gift.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Randy !
I was smiling and nodding as I took your tour and oh ! I so understand what you mean about another gardener sharing their garden, and your garden, and thoughts on them both with different plants : )
I have Zephirine D. and have her climbing up the rail of our deck where we will be sitting (when the freeze is over .. we had a hard frost last night and my Wizard coleus .. well, they went to coleus heaven .. jeez !) anyways .. I just love all of your roses ! They are beautiful and if only I could see them in person I would fall totally in love with them and the scent : )
You have me intrigued by Peggy Martin ! .. I am actually looking for a cold hardy , scented, white rose .. I love white in the garden and I'm looking for one that will stand our winters .. thank you for the tour : ) it was lovely !

Becca's Dirt said...

What a nice neighbor and to think you were just thinking about it. Your roses are so beautiful. I love Caldwell Pink. Beautiful shade and petals.

Cameron said...

Such a lovely collection of roses! You must really be a great rose gardener for each looks fantastic!

Southern Lady said...

I enjoyed the rose tour. do you still have to spray those varieties a lot, or are they more disease resistant? I want some roses, but I don't want to spray a lot. Carla

Antique ART Garden said...

Beautiful roses, so nice to meet a neighbor who loves to garden as well. Black spot devours most of my roses in SC, too humid here , plus I am not going to spray poison all over the I ripped them all up, but a few...and don't have to worry anymore, thanks, Gina

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Ooh, the Dortmund is especially nice. BTW, the first of the day lilies you sent last year is blooming--a yellow one!!!

sweet bay said...

Randy you asked about Delia's Purple --- you won't find it on the internet, that's just the name given to it by the original owner of the rose. I would root a cutting for you but I'm afraid to send anyone anything rose-related since RRD has shown up in my garden this year. I found 4 roses with it 2 weeks ago, so needless so say I don't feel any of my roses are safe just now.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful Randy (and Jamie)... George still grows hybrid teas and grandiflora ROSES---and spends lots of time with his 'babies'.... WOW--what gorgeous roses they are. Yours are pretty---but I guess I'm partial to ours. Ours are so fragrant also... AND because we are on the Cumberland Plateau--our roses are just beginning to bloom. I'll be posting pictures soon. SO--check my blog.

Glad you caught up with your neighbor... We all can learn from one another.

Les said...

It has been nearly a decad since I have seen Petite Pink Scotch, and I am real bad a remembering things, However, I remember those thorns!

tina said...

Gosh they are all so exquisite. I have the Fairy and am particularly partial to it. I think it fabulous your neighbor showed you his garden and saw yours too. Not all gardeners are like that (I'm the one who knocks on doors and not everyone is amiable to that) so it is great he was. If I lived closer to you I'd love to see your garden too!

perennialgardener said...

It's much larger than mine. Gorgeous selections. :)

Wayne said...

So many roses! "Peggy Martin" is my favorite!

Debbie J said...

Can you tell me if "Dr. Van Fleet" 1910, only blooms in May? My grandmother had a rose that looked just like that one, that many of her descendents, including me, have growing. I recently moved to a new home and have rooted a piece of it to grow there. I always wondered what the name of it was. She had 11 children and umpteen grand and great grand children and many of us are growing it.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Your roses are incredible! Love to see lush gardens in blooms such as this one. Wish you were my neighbors!!!! I had just purchased 3 Caldwell Pinks, I am planting this weekend.

Great Post!