Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Around the Garden 05/11/10

Well, the garden is waking up nicely so I thought we would take a little look around. It occurred to me this year that so far, Jamie and I have done a pretty good job of keeping blooms in the garden. First the Irises bloom and as they fade the roses start and as they are beginning to fade the daylilies are starting to bloom. We didn’t plan it that way but it turns out really nicely. The picture below is probably the last iris that will be blooming this spring.

‘Fall Fiesta’

Fall Fiesta

The shrubs and flowers are growing in nicely around the statuary. I believe we can tastefully place two or maybe three more statues in the garden. I’m looking for my ever elusive dragon. I’ve found many versions of him, but not the exact one I want. Maybe another goddess or two, like Jamie says, we don’t want it to look ‘like a concrete truck threw up in the back yard.’ He’s so funny…

Parthenon Horse Head

From the first time we saw Phillip’s weeping buddleia I’ve wanted one. Being the generous gardener that he is, he made sure we had one for our garden. This is the first bloom it has produced. I can’t wait until it’s as large as the one in his garden. We are going to enjoy this plant for many years to come. Phillip and Michael have been such wonderful friends to us since we met them.

Weeping Buddleja

The lawn is filling up fast with Dichondra, now that I know what it is I can hopefully get it under control. The grass paths still look nice in the garden and it’s finally filled in around the stepping stones. This was all bare soil 2 years ago.


This is Anthony Waterer's second year in our garden. The blooms are such a beautiful color. This plant was mid-summer sun fried plant we got for a dollar. Amazing what a little TLC can do.

Anthony Waterer

I love the way this back area turned out. Every time I walk thru here I remember the horrible blisters Jamie got on his hands digging up all this grass. He did the little center bed and the bed to the left all in two days. That’s over 350 square feet of thick tough grass he dug up people, all by himself.


Well, the sun is starting to set and it’s getting too dark for picture taking. I’ll leave you with this last shot. One day the privet will grow and the neighbor’s houses will be veiled by pretty variegated foliage.



Antique ART Garden said...

I have had that garden look of a cement truck throwing up in my yard. Plus a weed truck, and dumb gardening idea truck. Yours on the other hand looks wonderful !! Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing, Gina

Randy and Jamie said...

We have alot of concrete statues, tables, planters and benches in a small space. During the growing season it's all concealed pretty well, but in the winter you can see it all at one time. LOL --Randy

sweet bay said...

Your garden is looking lovely. I love the weeping Buddelia and the rich color of 'Fall Fiesta'.

Darla said...

Love the lushness of it all!! Concrete throw-up included, lol.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Everything looks so great, and I always admire your very neat borders. I hope to get at least SOME of my beds (I bet the total circumference of all my beds is a mile!) done that way this season. Wish me luck!

Randy and Jamie said...

Thanks everyone for the nice compliments.

Good luck! We trimed out beds once with a half moon edger and for the past three years the edge maintained with a weedwhacker. If you do it ever other week, it goes really fast and easy. I just pretty much walk at a steady pace with the weed whacker and it does all the work.-- Randy

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love the golden iris. Those rocks behind the iris are nice too.

You have done a beautiful job of shaping your beds. I love those graceful lines. It's a back breaking job to cut sod out. I've started using the lasagna method but it is much slower and it took me about two years to get those clean, crisp boarders.

Becca's Dirt said...

I love your gardens. It would be a thrill just to stroll through your gardens. You both have done so much in your yard.

Southern Lady said...

Wow, I love your gardens. The pathway with grass and the stepping stones is my favorite feature. How in the world do you keep such nice edging? I have trouble with bermuda grass creeping in. Carla

Randy and Jamie said...

We just turn the weedeater on it's side and walk along the beds. If you do it every two weeks or so it keeps it neat. We haven't had to edge them since they were originally cut out. :-)--Randy

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love the horse head. So far you don't have too many "focal points" as I call them. I know just what you mean, My DB is always warning me to not get too many. Your garden is filling in so good. I started reading your blog not long after the hurricane came through and you were rebuilding. What effort. It has paid off with a beautiful garden.

Jan Goldfield said...

You two are simply amazing! What a wonderful space you have created.