Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Morning Frost

This morning I awoke to a sparkling silver blanket of frost. It cleverly disguised the mucky brown mess created by the bobcat that lies beneath. It got down to 25 degrees in Prattville last night. I thought at this point we might be done with all the really cold weather.

Yesterday I walked around our garden and began the rebuilding in my minds eye. I’m going to use this opportunity to correct past mistakes. As the garden centers start to load up more and more ideas will pop into my head. Last year I had a sense of urgency to get things done, for some reason this year I’m more relaxed about it.

Today the Electrician comes to re-wire the house and the aluminum siding guy is supposed to be here to do his work too. Hopefully all will go smoothly and there will be no discrepancies on what was included in the original estimates. I’m looking forward to a day filled with peace.







Daffodil and Ice

Daffodil and Ice

Rose Leaf

Rose Leaf

Frost on the Window

Frosty Window


jodi said...

Lovely pictures, guys! I'm really glad to hear that the insurance company came back for a second look, and that things are starting to come together for you both. Buying new trees is a definite good thing, too! You can have some fun recreating your Eden as the rest of the damage gets handled. We'll be cheering you on--I still wish I lived closer, but its good to know there are plenty of others looking out for you too!

chuck b. said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The rose leaf is my favorite.

Carolyn gail said...

Hi Randy and Jamie,

We passed by your hometown on our way through Alabama. I saw that the temperature had dropped down to 26 degrees the night before. Oh, the poor plants !

I feel like calling Al Gore and telling him that Global cooling kills more stuff than Global warming !

Pam/Digging said...

The frosty flowers are really pretty. It sounds like you're already looking for the silver lining in all this: getting the chance to correct past mistakes. I hope your new garden turns out even better than the old.

Randy and Jamie said...

Thanks Jodi! Yea, things are coming together great. Well, for the most part anyway. :0) I got the new trees planted today while Jamie studied for his mid-term. Later this afternoon we started cutting in the border for the new bed. I’ll be posting pictures of it in a day or two. It won’t cover all the damaged areas in the yard, but it’s going to cove a huge chunk of it. After we tie up the loose ends on the work that is being done to the house now, I’m going to take a break. The rest will wait a couple of months until prices return to normal.

Chuck, I think the rose leaf is a good picture too. Those are my first frost photos; I’m still learning to take pictures. Sometimes I surprise myself. LOL

Carolyn, my hands were numb when I came in from outside. It was cold, cold, cold! They say snow is predicted for Birmingham on Tuesday. That’s a hundred miles north of here. How crazy is this weather. Did you pass thru Prattville or Parrish?

Pam, I’m starting to get excited about the new garden. I keep wondering if any little phoenixes will rise from the ashes of the old beds that were scooped up and hauled off. I know a lot of it could have been ground up by the stump machine (the root balls were about 18 feet wide) but surely there must be something lurking beneath. Once we get this new bed planted I’m curious to see what might find its way to the surface again. I’m happy to report the Japanese Magnolias that were totally smushed to the ground stood back up after a couple of days of sunshine.

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Randy & Jamie,
How great to hear the magnolias rebounded! Anyone who can make frosted flowers look like art has a hopeful soul - it may not be speedy but some day you'll be in Eden again.

I'll bet more survivors among your plant population are biding their time and will reappear.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Great photos. It sounds like you have the right frame of mind to start rebuilding your garden. Being relaxed about it at this stage is a good thing. With everything you two have been through I don't know if I could be relaxed. Hang in there!!