Sunday, June 27, 2010

If Only For a Day

Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well. Jamie and I have been busy trying to get the garden clean and hitting a few nurseries for some good bargains. We’re at a point now where we aren’t really buying as many plants as usual due to the fact we just simply don’t have the room. We have however, been making plans for a few changes in the garden, which have already started BTW. It’s beginning to look a little over grown, so we are going to be thinning out a few things and replacing others. We also have several holes that still need to be filled from the things we lost this winter. We’ll get around to doing things in due time, what a precious thing, there never seems to be enough of it. Even as I sit here and type there are plants waiting to be put in the ground. It’s just so dadblame hot out these days!

I thought I would post a few pictures of the daylilies that have bloomed recently. The foliage looks reallllllly ratty this year. We had a dryer than usual spring and the watering system needs a few additions to cover areas that are no longer getting reached. Despite all that, we still are being rewarded with several beautiful displays even if the leaves are a little crispier this year.

I haven’t been able to visit a lot of your blogs lately due to time restraints. I want to thank all of you that continue to read my post, despite my inability to visit you all as often as I once did. I’ve been doing pretty well about reading a few on the weekends. Hope you enjoy the flowers.

'Custard Candy'

Custard Candy

'Mildred Mitchell'

Mildred Mitchell

'Strawberry Custard and Strawberry Candy'

Starwberry Candy

'Crimson Pirate'

Crimsom Pirate

'Tiny Pumpkin'

Tiny Pumpkin

'Pandora's Box'

Pandoras Box

'Daring Deception'

Daring Deception

'Little Girl'

Little Girl




Wayne said...

Don't you just love all the endless colors and combinations of daylilies? I have nearly 50 varieties in my yard.

Phillip said...

They are beautiful. I love Pandora's Box and we used to have it. Crimson Pirate is gorgeous!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have so many beautiful daylilies. I have a minature hosta called Pandora's Box.

Les said...

It seems to have been a great season for daylilies all over the country, and yours are no exception. At least here, I attribute it to the more winter-like winter.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I love the crimson pirate, in looks and name.

Stone Art said...

I guess if your running out of space you could always start gardening vertically, apparently vertical gardens are all the rage these days ;)

Cameron said...

Your daylilies are so lovely!

I hope you aren't get the triple digit heat or drought like here.

There are always times when we can't make the "blog rounds" but I watch for your new posts and try to get to them. I understand the time constraints.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love Pandora's Box, in fact I love them all. I have a few daylilies blooming now, not a lot.

Doc said...

What a nice collection of Daylilies. I removed all of ours last year along with all the Hostas. The plan was to make more room for Roses. So will settle for enjoying the photos of your's.

fairegarden said...

Hi Randy, I am so happy to see your wonderful daylilies blooming! My daughter Semi has very nearly every single one you have shown, what a coincidence with the thousands of cultivars out there! So hot and dry here as well, it's a wonder the plants don't all shrivel up and die, but most are doing well, soldiering on. As we must too. :-)

Chandramouli S said...

It always is a pleasure to visit your blog Randy. I love your photos be it Irises, Daylilies, and others - they're simply amazing. You two rock!
I can understand you not being able to catch up with the blogs - what with the companies restricting the Internet usage! I am going through the same :(

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, just stopping by to say HELLO--and wish you two a fabulous 4th of July.

Your Daylilies are great --and you have some of the same ones we do (Custard Candy, Strawberry Candy, Daring Deception, etc.). You'll have to check out my blog to see our Daylilies. We have about 15 different varieties this summer... Go to the sidebar and go to labels. Then click on Daylilies 2010.

Have a wonderful day.

Missy said...

Your Lily plants are beautiful! Thank you for sharing.