Friday, January 16, 2009

Look, Ya'll! Look!

After four weeks of patiently waiting, they finally found us! I don’t know what they are... but they found us! They weren’t in our bird book that we have or if they were I couldn’t identify them. Sorry about the fuzzy pictures, I’m going to clean that window today.:-) Yay! I'm tingling with excitement!



This one looks like he’s sulking… Hey buddy, you’ve got a steady supply of food, suck it up and get over it.



Phillip said...

Randy, they are goldfinches! Their colors are faded this time of year but in spring they will be bright yellow. Just keep that feeder full and they will stay. They are so beautiful, like having parakeets in your garden.

Do you think you lost anything last night?

Jamie and Randy said...

Thank you Phillip! Jamie said that's what they were, but I wasn't sure. Yay! We have goldfinces! Okay, I will keep the feeders full.

I don't think we lost anything last night, but if we did, it will just make a hole to plant something else. :-)

Phillip said...

The only downside is that the niger seed is so expensive! :(

Jamie and Randy said...

We got five pounds for under nine dollars. That's not too, bad when you consider the trade off. Don't you think?

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

The one sitting on top of the feeder arm in the first photo looks like it may have a crest? If so, that's a Tufted Titmouse.

Yes, the Goldfinch don grey coats for winter.


PS I created a COUNTDOWN TO SPRING widget if anyone wants to grab it from my blog to add to their sidebar, too.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Congratulations, now that they've found you they will eat you out of house and home;) Thistle seed is expensive but it won't sprout and weed up your garden/yard. I looked at the finch at the top, his feathers are blown forward but it is a goldfinch.

Birds actually attract more birds with their chattering. You'll have more soon.

Annie in Austin said...

They're beautiful, Randy and Jamie - congratulations on getting chosen by the goldfinches!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

GardenJoy4Me said...

Wow ! Randy .. you have Goldfinches : ) We don't get them until mid April and we love seeing that amazing gold of the males .. We by their special seed and have the bird bath right by the feeder. I have loads of plants they enjoy for seeds as well. Valentine sunflower is one of their most favorites .. so if you ever want to treat them to something special, that is a good one. Great pictures to see on a cold winter day : )

Darla said...

Wonderful photos. We have a few goldfinches here, trying to keep the feeders full so they will stay around, the sparrows and the chickadees are eating ALL the time!

jodi said...

Yea for goldfinches, guys! They're just the best. In the spring, they will be so beautifully gold, and the songs they sing...I lay in bed in the morning listening to them and grinning a lot. Glad that they've found you and approved that new feeder. Toldya it would just take some time...

Jamie and Randy said...

Isn't it exciting! BTW, I am going to snag that spring countdown from your site. Thanks for sharing! :-)

I’m just as tickled as I can be. They can eat me out of house and home. I’ll continue to feed them as long as I can. I was wondering how much the seed was going to be a problem. I am reluctant to put feeders in our beds for that reason. You’ve put my mind at ease.

I hope the goldfinches are just a start. I want our garden to be the most magical place in Prattville.

Valentine Sunflower seeds… got it. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. I need me another lens if I’m going to be grabbing shots that far away. This is the first time in 14 years I’ve ever seen them in the yard.

It’s the strangest thing; all those wrens that were here have abandoned the feeders. They’ve always been here. They’re the little pigs in our neighborhood.

Phillip sent me a site on goldfinches and there was a link to hear their songs, but it didn’t work. I’ll have to see if I can find one. You’ve got me interested now. I hope they stick around so I can see them turn yellow. That would be such a treat.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love seeing those little goldfinches in the garden. In the summer I enjoy watching them perch on top of the blackeyed susans. :)

Chandramouli S said...

YAY! Sweeties aren't they! So many birds flocking around your feeder! Finally! I was waiting for this photo. So finally mission accomplished! Keep going, Randy. Wow! I'm so excited to see this.

Jamie and Randy said...

I can’t wait to see them in their yellow clothes!

They are TONS of them this morning (Sunday) and sparrows too! I’m going to try to get pictures of the sparrows in a bit.

Gail said...


This is wonderful...I knew that would find you! Gail

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Goldfinches! Oh yes, they come in masses to me, too. In the summer they will be a VERY bright yellow (the males) and the females will be slightly yellow (I think it's true of most birds...the female is never as bright, to bring less attention to her as she tends to her nest). Isn't it FUN to have birds? Perhaps you will even find other types of birds coming, if you put out seed. I use a variety and boy, do I ever get a variety of birds. I never knew they even lived around here until I started putting seed out, about 3 yrs ago!!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Just a note, I'm sorry I hadn't read some of your wonderful posts where you showed your other birdseed and feeders, and even other, those look so beautiful! I really like your blog, but somehow I haven't been able to get here often enough so I've missed some things, obviously:( I am feeling just a 'little' overwhelmed with all the wonderful bloggers I've met, trying to visit them frequently is tough:) I hope you'll forgive me for that:) Jan

Jamie and Randy said...

It’s impossible to read everyone’s post all the time. I try the best I can to keep up with everyone. I do a pretty good job of reading, but I can’t always respond to them all. I’m trying to get some more feeders and different foods, but I’m on a budget and this weekend new bulbs and an orchid won out over the sunflower seeds. :-)