Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pictures From Our Garden

Well it has been five months today since the tornado hit our home and I thought I would do another before and after to show you the progress we have made. It’s amazing to think we have done all this in such a short time. I didn’t realize just how much we had accomplished. Jamie and I have put every spare penny (and some that weren't spare) that we have back into our yard and with the help of a lot of very generous people this is what we have accomplished. The pictures below are reminders of what we started with the first of March this year "post bulldozer" and after some re-leveling to the yard



Here are some current shots of the garden and all we have planted since then. Phillip from Dirt Therapy encouraged me to post these pictures. The lion below is one of two that will flank the entrance to the garden when we get it built. I really need to sit down and draw out the plans to it, but you all know how it is. You can’t do everything at once no matter how hard you try; time and money just won’t let you.


This is a small bed in the front right corner as you face the backyard. Eventually it will be incorporated into a bed that runs the perimeter of the garden. That bed is half way completed and you will see pictures of it later in this post. The tree in the bed is a ‘Glowing Embers’ Japanese maple.


This is an island bed on the right side of the yard that will also be included in the large bed I was discussing. If you look in the very back corner you’ll see a fairly large ‘Crimson Queen’ Japanese maple that survived the storm. I was so thankful it did, we lost all the other trees except it. We liked the way this looked before the storm so we replanted it the same way. We did get Eastern Redbuds this time by mistake instead of the Texas Redbuds that were there previously.


This is part of the bed that I was saying would run the entire perimeter of the yard. I love our little Venus statue. See the mermaid sitting on the rock in the birdbath? She was a great clearance find.


Here is more of the same bed moving into what we like to call the tropical section.



Here’s another lion posing in the far back left corner. It may sound crazy but I want to fill the garden with them. There are three more I would like to have. I want two holding the shields with their paws and I want one lying down and looking to the side. This one got a little beat up in the storm and will eventually need to be replaced with a similar one in the same pose.


Here is our arbor which was a gift from one the pharmacist Jamie works with. We started a new bed this week and have transplanted grass in all the bare spots. I hope it takes off and fills in well. I despise all those bare spots. The grass has really grown in pretty fast though so I shouldn’t complain. We have about five different types, but by George at least it’s grass. Some one asked me not so long ago why I was so eager for it to grow back when I was just going to turn around and dig it up.


This is one of my beautiful rocks. We have a pretty good collection of them. If we are driving some where and I see one on the side of the road in the middle of no where it’s going home with me. Before we got my truck we would haul so many rocks home in the trunk Jamie’s car the tires would almost scrub.



There was such a huge mess in the middle of the back yard, I decided the best way to get rid of it was to cover it up with a flower bed, so we did and it was a big one. To make matters worse, as we were cleaning out the tree roots from the Poplar, Pear and the Maple we realizes the stumps were still there and had only been ground down to a certain point. So what did we do? We dug them up and drug them out. We are talking about forty year old trees here people. I’m not even going to tell you how hard that was to do. Anyway, here is the end result of our efforts. It will need some tweaking over the years, but for now it gives us color.






Jan said...

You two have done a fantastic job, and to think that you said right after the tornado that you didn't think you could replant your garden. I'm sure it is now better than before. You should be proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time. I know you will enjoy your garden for a long time.

Always Growing

Randy and Jamie said...

We never could have done it without the help of lots of wonderful people that donated plants and seeds an even gift cards to us. We are forever grateful to each and every one of them.

Cosmo said...

Randy and Jamie--I've only discovered your blog recently, so I've been catching up on your work since the tornado--your progress is inspirational! And your gardens are so beautiful--I love the lions--I'm really looking forward to reading more. And are you still loving the rain? Hope you found a way to contain the mulch. Best, Cosmo

Randy and Jamie said...

Thank you Cosmo, we have worked very hard, but we enjoyed every minute of it. I think I can solve the mulch problems by putting in some French drains in those areas.It's not washing out, it's actually floating out. I think I'm going to conceal them in the edge of the bed where the water is gathering. The mulch will cover the stone. What do you think?

Annie in Austin said...

Maybe you need to make a bog garden where the water collects? With some biological control for insects, no doubt!

Randy & Jamie, it's just amazing what you've done - and good luck with collecting more lions!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

tina said...

So let me get this straight, all of this was accomplished just this year? And your house was destroyed too? I love all of the pics of the gardens and I have to agree with you on the grass, bare spots drive me crazy. It will grow in, never fear. Looks great.

Randy and Jamie said...

A bog garden would be nice, but it's right in the middle of the path on the left side.:-(

All but about a 20 foot section at the back of the house was done this year. The house wasn't destroyed. The right side of the roof was partially blown off and the entire thing was picked up and moved over two inches. But, the garden was destroyed by six forty year old trees that fell in our yard and from I neighbors. They were so large they had to be removed by a small bull dozer and font end loader. It just scooped everything up and carried it off. We were very lucky; we were actually the first home to be damaged when it touched down. The news said the tornado was one half a mile wide and it started its major destruction with the house across the street and cleared a path for almost a mile. Every car at the Ford dealership was blown away. Our city did an amazing job cleaning everything up. At least 40% of the homes in our neighborhood were severely damaged and destroyed and a large section of the city. It was horrible, we got here about fifteen minute after it happened and had to walk almost two miles to get to our house climbing over and walking around what, at one time, were other people’s homes to get to ours. It was all cleaned up in just over a week. All but one of the homes have been rebuilt and almost everyone is living back in their brand new houses. I have never seen such an organized and well executed clean up in my life.

tina said...

That would all be devastating. Picking up your house and moving it? Wow. I could not imagine and hope it never happens here. I think it tragic to lose a garden as you cannot simply build it in a month or two. You guys have come far. Thanks for telling me what happened.

Wayne said...

Just an amazing transformation!
It all looks great!

Frances, said...

Hi Randy and Jamie, you should be proud of all that you have accomplished in a very short time. I can imagine how hard the digging up of the old tree roots was, you both must be very strong! I think your grass looks terrific, as well as the whole garden.

Randy and Jamie said...

Thanks Wayne! We are certainly trying!

I don't know that we are so much strong as we are determined to accomplish what we set out to do. You should see us at the end of the day. Stumbling over our own feet and tripping on shovels and garden rakes, so tired we can't even see strait. But we are getting it done. :-)