Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Project

Well, Jamie and I needed to put up some more bird feeders since all of ours were sucked up and toated off. We got to looking at those wrought iron shepherds hooks and I told Jamie 40 or 50 dollars was just too much for one of those dang things. I said we could build one our selves out of a pole much cheaper. So we did...


1 4x4 post = $6.00
Okay! We're doing great!

3 Ornate hooks @ $15.00 each = $45.00
1 Fancy solar powered post cap = $22.00
2 Over priced bird feeders that match ornate hooks = $50.00
1 Hanging basket to match ornate hooks and over priced birdfeeders = $15.00
1 Bag of potting soil and a coconut liner to go in hanging basket that matches ornate hooks that go well with over priced birdfeeders = $7.00
4 Pots of petunias free from sympathetic neighbor.
1 Bag of bird seed = $7.00
Grand total = $152.00

We should have gotten the expensive shepherd hook and the plastic bird feeders... Jamie says, "Oh but this looks so much better!" I think to my self, "Do the birds really care?"


Cosmo said...

Great project--I really like the overpriced bird feeders--I'm sure you'll get only the very best birds. And wouldn't you know it, I'm trying to work out what to do with two 4x4's in the front yard. They're two short for bird feeders, I think, but the little solar powered cap might just do it. Once again, you all are inspirations!

Randy and Jamie said...

Isn’t it ridiculous how fast things add up when you buy them separately. The time Jamie and I spent together while working on it is well worth the money that was spent on it. But, I still think that’s not the most economical decision the two of us have made. Jamie says I can pinch a penny until Lincoln poops. I come by it honestly, my grandmother was a very spending conscious woman out of necessity and guess I picked up on some of it over the years.

The light was a nice touch though, don't you think? :-)

tina said...

You guys are funny! Isn't this how it always is???? I think it looks MUCH better than a shepherds hook.

Frances, said...

I agree with the others, your creation is much better than anything you could have bought, at any price. I am interested in the solar thing, it just sits on top of the post and is a light? Cool.

Randy and Jamie said...

I'm glad you can appreciate the humor in the situation. It really was kind of funny when I sat back and thought about it. :-)

Thank you Frances, we did do a pretty good job I was pleased with it. We even ran an irrigation line to the hanging basket so it waters its self. The little light put out a surprising amount of light to be solar. It also has a copper cap on it. You can find them in Lowe's in the area where they keep the post caps and decorative tops. We did attach it with a single screw thru the side.

Phillip said...

I think it looks great! You won't believe this but I just built an odd trellis a few weeks ago and I used a solar light like that on top. I wanted a pyramid trellis but they were just too expensive. Yours looks very professional looking, mine doesn't!

Connie said...

Great is unique and looks awesome! The birds may not care, but I am sure you will get much enjoyment from it, especially knowing that you did it yourselves.

Randy and Jamie said...

We try and sometimes we get lucky! Despite the joking, we are pleased with the way it turned out. :-)

lacey said...

lol, love your writing! And this is how it ALWAYS goes at my house! In fact, we have one of these 'cheaper' projects going on right now ... the unexpectedly very costly refurbishment of two adirondack chairs and stools that we got for free. But, I rationalize, it's fun to do and makes us appreciate things more :)

Randy and Jamie said...

Thank you very much! I'm so glad you could join us, now don't be a stranger. :-) Jamie has a chair project that he's been working on himself... four two years. LOL Good luck with your's I'm sure they are going to be wonderful!

KC MO Garden Guy said...

LOL, that is something Scott and I have done. I am sure it looks better than the other and no the birds don't care but you do. As long as you are happy with it that is all that matters.

Jeffrey said...

This post cracks me up!!! I did that very same thing in my yard. I was thinking I was being so thrifty & all...oh well, I also love my "bargain" bird feeder better then the blasé Sheppard’s hook.

Randy and Jamie said...

Thanks for paying us a visit! I think you blog is just wonderful! I'm afraid alot of our money saving ventures turn out that way. :-)-Randy