Monday, June 9, 2008

A Little Something Different

'A Walk in the Park'
by Debra Brousseau


I thought for this post I would do something a little different. I wanted to share something very special with everyone, a book of poetry that has been published that was written by my sister, Debra Brousseau. There are so many writers that take a peek at our blog every now and then; I knew you would understand the importance of what she has accomplished and how proud I am of her for doing so.

Every morning at sunrise Debra goes for a walk in a park near her home in Pensacola, Florida. As she made her trips around the trails and pathways, she was always amazed at the things she would see and the thoughts that flooded her mind as she watched the sunrise. While she walked she found her psyche inundated by poetry that cried out to be written down on paper. That’s just what she did when she returned home every morning. It was at her husband Paul’s encouragement that she sent it to a publisher to be put into print. The first copies sold out before they were ever even officially released to the book stores.

Debra draws her inspiration from nature and that’s a large part of what she writes about. You will also find other subjects in her poems from childhood memories to mundane daily activities. All as seen thru the eyes of a woman in her fifties that has finally learned to live and enjoy her life to the fullest. You can find her book online at Amazon and Books a Million. It’s well worth the read, sure to provoke a giggle or two from you and I know my sister would appreciate your support.

Below is one of my favorite poems from her book, it's called 'Wild Flowers'.

'Wild Flowers'

A saddened soul looks not up, but to the ground
Thus, a wise God scattered wild flowers around.

Through weeds and crevices and sidewalk cracks
They struggle to share joy that a sad soul lacks.

The wild flowers are bouquets for one’s soul
In yellows and purples and reds so bold.

The plants stand tall and hold blooms high
Their precious gift offered to passers-by.

Tiny blooms and large blooms both high and low
In sun or shade, wherever they can grow.

In all shapes and sizes a feast for sight
Fragrance so sweet----stirs a heart’s appetite.

So remember, my friend, when a wildflower you see
It’s been placed just there so happier you may be.


Phillip said...

Congratulations to your sister! That is very impressive and exciting.

Randy and Jamie said...

Thank you Phillip! I am very proud of her. I believe she has some sort of novel in the works, but I haven't been able to speak with her much about it. She's always on the go.