Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daylilies Galore!

It had to happen sooner or later, Jamie and I are tapped out on garden funds for the time being. If the rising cost of gas permits we will be on our way to the Keys in August, we need to start putting back a little cash for vacation so our savings account will take less of a beating. That means our beloved little garden fund will take a serious crunch. That’s okay, right now I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve made and before long it will be too hot to do much outside anyway. We do have several projects planned that won’t be that expensive to do. I’m sure I can find things around the house to keep me busy. I’m not going to lie about though. I was Jonesin’ like a junkie needing a heroin fix being away from the garden centers this weekend. I still broke down and spent twenty eight dollars on daylilies, which was nothing compared to what we usually spend.

We haven’t had any rain for quite sometime now and the weather man has been promising it since last Wednesday. Still no sign of it, all around us it’s coming down in buckets and missing us. The garden isn’t suffering any because of our new drip system, Yay! Let me say that again, Yay! I can not express to you enough what a blessing that irrigation system is going to be this summer. The grass is starting to take a beating though and it’s looking a little crunchy. Yesterday I was running back an forth in and out of the house trying to decide what daylilies I had taken pictures of and boy was that a hot dry heat. I took a picture of a daylily yesterday morning and by yesterday afternoon it was dried on the stem. I’ll just have to go around early to get my pictures. Below are some of the things blooming right now and yes, there are more daylilies pictures and there will most definitely be more to come.

I’m still just as tickled as I can be about the Shasta Daisies. These ‘Crazy Daisies’ are pretty flowers but my favorites are the ones with the simple petals. A real sweetheart named Lynn sent me a cultivar named ‘Becky’ and I can’t wait until it blooms. She said it spreads really fast, which is perfect for an impatient person like me.

‘Crazy Daisy’


This daylily is a pretty thing, don’t you think? In the past I haven’t really given much thought to color when planting things. I do good just to keep it alive. There is so much to consider, light conditions, soil PH, water, plant size and color too. When you have to take all that into consideration it seems to become more like a job than a hobby. However, when I took this picture I couldn’t help but notice that the bloom seems to blend really well with the purple fountain grass behind it. In the future I’ll try to take that into account more often.

‘Always Afternoon’


Verbena Bonariensis


I could comment on every one of the photos I’ve posted this time around, but that would make this entry really long. Honestly, I’m not sure with all the blogs out there that anyone actually has the time to do much reading, so why don’t we just enjoy the pictures and I’ll try not to post so many them in the next entry.

‘Stella Supreme’








'Siloam Doodlebug'

Siloam Doodlebug



'Raspberry Pixie'


I don't know what this is, but I'm sure someone out there does. Annie, Philip what is it?


'Strawberry Candy'


This is some type of Tiger Lily, I'd really like to know the name of it as well. I like to know the names of the plants in the garden.


'Gordon Biggs'




'Theresa Hall'


Texa Lilac AKA Vitex. I'm also trying to grow some Texas Mountain Laurel from seed now. I hope they make it.



Jan said...

Your daylily photos are so beautiful. You have some great ones planted. We also have not had any rain and none is predicted for next week. I have soaker hoses in all of my beds, and they really are a lifesaver when the heat and dry weather hits.

Always Growing

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Your gardening budget is tapped out?! The horror! And so early in the season. My condolences.

Randy and Jamie said...

Jan, I'm so glad you are enjoying them. We sort of went a little daylily crazy so there will be many more photos to come in lots more pretty colors.

Yes it is an absolute Horror, most especially since I will do with out clothes or food to buy a new plant. :-) I am very happy though, you may not know this, but almost everything you see was done the past three months. Pretty amazing don't you think?

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Randy and Jamie - thought I commented but then realized I'd wandered off to google-land, trying to guess your mystery plant!

Is it a fragrant annual? Could it be some double form of Ten-week Stock?

Some of the trees, shrubs and plants in our garden were already here so they're pretty established, but we've planted a lot in the last couple of years. I hand water the borders and the vegetable patch but not grass, and with no rain and high nineties the lawn is getting crunchy in front. Hope we all get some rain soon!

Your collection of daylilies is wonderful - even if you have spent the clothing budget on them... when I was a kid my mom chose to buy a tree rather than new shoes one spring... priorities, right!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Randy and Jamie said...

Annie, someone else mentioned "Stock", but I don't have any idea what that is...

You are absolutely right about the priorities.;-)

Pam/Digging said...

I really like the 'Tang' daylily---more red! But I love all your purples too. Actually, it all looks great. You've accomplished so much.

As far as the garden budget, summer is the perfect time to put garden purchases on hold here in Austin, and it sounds like in Alabama too. It's just too hot to be planting right now. We can do more of that in the fall, can't we?

Wayne said...

The pale pink flowers are called Soapwort. Google it for more info. and the orange lily I believe is a type of Asiatic lily. Tiger lilies I believe open downward.

Randy and Jamie said...

Thanks Wayne! I was wondering what it was! You know, I was thinking the same thing about the lilly. But I was just going by what I was told by the person that sent it to me. It's a very tall lily, almost four feet.