Sunday, January 20, 2008

We Got Snow!

We got snow yesterday! Jamie and I were so excited we stood at the window for hours and watched it fall. I know, it’s so very little compared to what some people are use to getting. It’s such a rare thing in the South even when we just get a slight dusting it instantly turns every adult back into a child. Here are just a few pictures from the garden and lawn. Meanwhile, I’m counting down the days to spring.

The Front Lawn


Cast Iron Plant and Rhododendron


The Buddha


Cast Iron Plant and Chrysanthemum


The Japanese Lantern



Jamey said...

It really was something beautfil to watch yesterday. I was quite sad to see it go, but we wouldn't enjoy it near as much if it was here all the time.

Phillip said...

We got some last Wednesday but didn't get any this past weekend. It all went south of us (I guess you know that!) I love the photo of the Buddha in the snow. Hey, this is just January, maybe there will be another snowfall before winter is over.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

I'd switch places with you all. Tired of the cold and the darn snow. We got a couple more inches this weekend. Hopefully it will melt soon. Love the pictues of the garden covered with snow. Did it harm any of your plants since you don't usally get snow?