Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Found Color Today!

I found color in the yard today! Yaaaaaaay! It amazing how just a couple of blooms can bring you so much pleasure. The garden is a disaster right now, there are leaves everywhere. The old oak next door is dropping them like crazy. I have an incessant need to keep the yard clean and I’m usually in it every weekend raking, and cleaning up. This weekend, I’ve made a decision to let it go. I’ve stayed on top the of the leaf detail and I’ve decided those few oak leaves will still be there next weekend if I decide to rake them up then. I read in a blog some where gardening is not a hobby, it’s an obsession and no truer statement has ever been made. Jamie had his finals last night and he is out of school until January and I’m looking forward to us spending time together. No homework, no yard work, just me and him time.

Below are some pictures of the Yellow Irises that are blooming now. We’ve planted so many different species this year it would be a long boring record if I listed them all for you. I’ll just post pictures as they bloom. We still have several hundred Dutch Iris bulbs that need to be planted this month. We really do need to get that done. I hate not knowing the name of flowers in our garden, so once again, if you know this one please take a moment to send me a message with the name of it. Or perhaps you can point me in the direction of an Iris Diva you just happen to be acquainted with?

Did you know that Iris was the Goddess of the Rainbow? She was also the personal handmaiden and messenger of Hera. In ancient times this flower (purple) was planted on the burial sites of recently deceased women to mark the new graves so she could find them. Iris escorted the souls of women to the afterlife and the rainbow was the path she took. Hence, the flowers were named in honor of her. I love it when a flower has a beautiful legend attached to it.

Unknown Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris3

Yellow Iris2

Alas, the mums are also nameless. I still haven’t made up my mind if they will be staying or not. When I bought them it was not because I’m a fan of mums it was because they were 95% off and I’m a sucker for a good plant deal. I’m also not above dumpster diving for a half live plant either.



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KC MO Garden Guy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The color in our yard has all gone. You are lucky to have some still. I have given up on the leaf raking myself and I didn't clean up the garden like usual. I decided the birds might need the seeds to eat and places to take cover from the cold.
I too don't know the names of all the flowers in the garden. I would never be able to remember them all. I too am not above dumpster diving. My other half doesn't like it so I do more of just to mess with him!

Kylee said...

I know what you mean about the leaves! I used to drive myself crazy with keeping them out of the flower beds, but now I just clean them out enough to prevent matting and rot over the winter. Some plants can handle that and some just can't. We've got oaks and those darn trees lose leaves all winter long. I wish they'd just drop them and be done with it!