Monday, October 29, 2007

This Past Weekend

Well, the weekend has come and gone. I managed to relax and take it easy a little bit. I did get out in the yard and rake the fallen leaves up. We still need several bags of shredded leaves to mulch the new bed we've been working on. I was able to mulch enough leaves to cover about one third of the Tropical section. Our neighbor has told us that when he gets his back yard vacuumed we are welcome to the leaves. I sure was hoping he would get it done this weekend, but he never got around to it. I'm not a patient person so I'm just about ready to hop the fence and rake them myself. I wouldn't be in such a hurry but we have friends from out of town stopping by Wednesday and I just feel the bed would look better if it was completed. They certainly will not care that it isn't done. They are both gardeners and very creative ones at that. I took some pictures of the the few things that are still in bloom.

This is one of three Blackeye Susan that were given to us as a gift. One of Jamie's co-workers wanted to share part of her garden with us and this is one of the plants she sent. When I was just a little boy I would stand on the old wooden bridges on the local dirt roads and drop the head of these flowers in the water. I would watch them spin like little helicopters down to the creek and then they would float away. To this day I instantly think of that when ever I see them. I don't know which particular species it is.

'Blackeye Susan'

The 'Bloodflower' Asclepias curassavica is making a come back. It's the host plant for Monarch Butterflies and let me tell you. Those fat little caterpillars feasted on this stuff. That's okay though because we watched the entire process as they became butterflies and even captured it with pictures. It was absolutely fascinating to watch.

This is one of my garden treasures. I don't know the name or I guess I should say cultivar of this rose. I only know that it is very old and I mean the actual plant. My grandmother had it for years and years. When she passed I transplanted it before her home was sold. It's one of three plants I took from her yard. I almost lost it last year, but it's making a come back. I couldn't even begin to describe the color to you. The photo doesn't do it justice.

'Grandmother's Rose'

This is Canna Lily Canna x generalis 'Futurity Yellow'. I've had it for several years and this past summer it got divided into four sections and planted in the new bed under the Tulip Poplar. I was told it wouldn't do very well there, but it seems to be thriving. The Poplar bed is one of four new beds Jamie and I put in this year. It still looks pretty empty because most of what was planted in it is still in the ground sleeping. I'll be sure to post plenty of picture of it and the other beds next spring. It is just impossible for me to document everything we've done this past Summer. It's just simply too much. I'm just going to have to make a big effort to keep this blog up to date from this point further. I'll try my very best, though my schedule is hectic.

The New Tropical and Woodland bed is a work in progress. I'll try to post some picture to show exactly where we are with it some time this week. I did add four new plants to it this afternoon, but since I'm only posting pictures of the actual blooms in our yard you will just have to wait. Just like me.

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