Thursday, October 25, 2007

The New Bed Started 10/20/07

This is the new bed we started this past weekend. The bed is completely cut out and is approximately 15o feet long. It still needs to be mulched and more plants need to be added. By next Summer we hope to have the Tropical section filled with Bananas, Cannas, and various other lush greenery and sub-tropical plants. We already have four varieties of Banana and five varieties of Canna planted as well as two Gold Bar Grasses and a Century Plant.

The Future Site of the Tropical Bed

This corner will be the transtion area from the Tropical Bed to the Woodland Bed. I collect large rocks and they are scattered all over the garden. The one in this picture will not remain. It's a gift Jamie and I picked up for a friend of ours. We had to take our friend Jimmy with us to pick it up. We drove 300 miles to get it and it took three full grown men to pick it up.

The Transition Corner

This is the first section of the Woodland Bed. I call it that because we will be placing plants in there that thrive in shaded areas. We are really shooting for a natural looking area of sorts but still have some color. Right now there are Rhododendrons, Oleander and Pachysandra planted there. I want to add Encore Azaleas next spring. I couldn't find any this fall.

Part I of the Woodland Bed

This is the second section of the Woodland Bed. It gets more sun so we will have to take that into account when choosing plants for the area. I'm sure we will come up with something.

Part II of the Woodland Bed

This bed still has a trememdous amount of work to be done, but you will get to watch as it comes to life. I can hardly wait.

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