Monday, July 18, 2011

Rain! Precious, precious rain...

It has rained pretty much all week long and I couldn’t be happier! The garden was hanging on by a thread. I’ve lost so many plants the past two growing season it’s not even funny. Things in the garden were looking so ratty and haggard. But look at it now, so lush and green. And besides, I’m about ready to start re-doing some things anyway.


Even the grass is starting to fill back in some. All the St. Augustine was lost to the heat last year. Honestly, it’s really pretty but I don’t care what kind of grass I have as long as it’s green.




Hope this short post finds you well and happy. Happy gardening and many blessings sent your way!




Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am so glad to hear that your area is finally getting some much needed rain. Your garden looks so perky. I am with you about the grass issue. I don't care much about what is growing in the "lawn" area I just want it to be green. It is kind of scary to look at my lawn. Can't wait to see what kind of inspiration you have for your garden.

Randy said...

In about two more years the trees are going to have enought growth on them that I should be able to start moving in some shade plants like Hostas and Ferns! I can't wait. Meanwhile, I'm going to be doing some thinning out of certain plants that are getting too large for the area they were planted in...

Gary said...


How wonderful to see your post today, every things looks great. It would be a lie to say I was a little jealous because I’m a lot jealous… Just remember don’t over do the re-doing, pace yourself we don’t want any set “backs” now do we? Take care and I look forward to seeing more of this rain-engorged lushness. – gary

Darla said...

The rain does make such a difference in the gardens doesn't it?

Rebecca said...

I've gotta be happy for your rain (while longing for some of our own here). Your yard looks scrumptious! Congratulations!

Patrick's Garden said...

Congratulations on the rain. You guys deserve it,

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Randy, Glad to hear that you have gotten alot of rain. We have had quite a bit also. The gardens do love it, don't they????

Your garden is GORGEOUS.... Wow!!!! I'm impressed.

Wayne said...

Your pics always look so good! I wish I had the energy to make my gardens look as good!

Les said...

We had a week of the same weather, and it couldn't have come a better time. Your garden is looking good!

Phillip said...

Oh good for you! We had rain all around us last week but only got a sprinkle at our house. Very frustrating but at least we've had good rainfall up until now and it is nothing as bad as the people in the Midwest are suffering from.

Randy said...

I’m the one that should be jealous. You already live where I’m planning on retiring one day. :-) Don’t worry I’m not going to overdo it. There are more weeds in the garden than usual, but I am SO not worried about it. Maybe the weed fairy will come one day while I’m gone to work and pull them.

It certainly does. You can water all you want, but it isn’t the same as rain water.

Thank you Rebecca, this is the only significant rain we’ve had ALL season.

Welcome, welcome. I checked out your blog and ‘Tamora’ is gorgeous!

Always glad to see you here! I can’t believe you even have time to visit with the way you and George get around all over the country.

I'll tell you the same thing you told me. You see they aren’t close ups! LOL

Hey Les!
I need to get over to your blog and check out your latest photos!

I’m so jealous you get to give away a lawn mower!

Cameron said...

Your garden looks good to me. So glad you got some rain. I hope those clouds release some rain on us. Take care.

Michael said...


Lucky you! We hit 107'F yesterday in NYC. The pavement is melting this morning. 99'F at 8am.

Please send over the rain asap.


Jan said...

We have also started to get some rain. I can already see a difference in the plants - greener and putting out new growth. Our grass is coming back, too.

Always Growing

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Everything looks great. I continue to be envious of your dug lawn edges without getting off my duff and digging my own. Actually that's not entirely true. I did dig them around my veggie bed! :)