Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Visitor in the Garden


Hello everybody! I came home this past Tuesday to find a surprise waiting for me in the garden. I usually make a loop around the garden if it’s not terribly hot to see what going on in it. I noticed a small movement out of the corner of my eye and as I turned to see what it was I was VERY surprised to find this guy.


He’s about half grown and didn’t seem to mind me taking pictures of him at all. I was able to get within about five feet of him, but I didn’t dare to get any closer. I live in the middle of a large, heavily populated subdivision in the business district of my town. I also have a chain link fence all the way around the garden so I have no idea how this little rabbit found his way to my garden. I don’t know how long he plans to stay but I put out a bowl of water for him and scattered a few baby carrots. From all appearances though, he must be gone already.


In other news we finally got some much needed rain and the grass is beginning to turn a nice green shade again. Unfortunately, I had another little episode with my back late Tuesday night and now I’m hesitant to get out there and cut the grass. I spent two days in bed and it seems to be well on its way to healing. It put a damper on my weekend plans, but I’m hoping to be back in the pink and pushing the lawn mower by the middle of the week. I had started a new exercise program twice a day and I’m afraid it may have been too much too soon. BTW I had just gone to my back surgeon that day and he released me because I was absolutely pain free. Ain’t that a kick in the pants? This not the same area where I had the surgery, it’s the disk below it. In the future I will know not to push myself so hard. Lesson learned… Hope you all have a good day, I see an afternoon nap in mine. I’m exhausted from dreaming all night long, but since it was about loved ones I’m not going to complain too much. I’m always amazed at how real dreams can feel, sometimes I wonder if we don’t actually meet spiritually in some other place rather than dream..


Rebecca said...

Happy to hear you got your much needed rain...Sorry to hear about your back!

Wish I could ship a few rabbits down to your yard. We don't put out the welcome mat for the like you do! I'm sure they'd be happier with you :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those cute little rascals will find plenty to eat in the garden. I wouldn't encourage it any. Cute as they are they can be destructive. Take care of that back now. Don't over do.

Gary said...


Well if you would like a few more little bunnies I will be more than happy to seen you some, I will even throw in a deer or two, lol. Let’s just hope that little guy has not run off to tell all his relatives about your kindness, lol. But let me go on record as saying that the only thing I have ever thrown at the rabbits around here are a few colorful expletives, lol.

I understand you wanting to get back to working the garden but don’t rush things. If there were not so many pesky states between here and there I would be more then happy to come over and help you some of the up keep. But having been following for awhile I found you to be a very resilient individual and have no doubt that you will have the garden work taken care of in quick order, just be careful.

Hoping you have had a good weekend, we finaly got some of the rain late this evening that came up from your way. Take care. – G

Phillip said...

I keep seeing one around the border at the front of the house by the street. Apparently he hasn't discovered the vegetable garden behind the house yet.

Jan said...

We used to have several rabbits in our area years ago, but they disappeared. Two summers ago, two reappeared, a large and small one. I do not see them too often which is good because now that I have a larger garden, I do not want them munching out on my plants. (Lost a whole stand of toad lilies last year.) They are cute, and I don't mind an occasional visit, but I do not encourage them.

Sorry to hear about your back. Make sure and take it easy cutting that grass.

Always Growing