Monday, August 30, 2010

Coming Next Post... September Giveaway


September is just a page turn away and with that comes another occasion for the readers of Creating Our Eden to win a thank you gift. These chances are made possible by the generosity of CSN stores. If you aren’t familiar with this company you should check them out. They offer a plethora of items in their online stores. You can find anything from dining chairs to bird feeders. In the past, I’ve spent hours pouring over the websites to find the perfect item to offer our readers for prizes.

Previously I’ve chosen an item myself, but now you have the opportunity to pick your own gift. The Promo Team now provides me with a code you can use to purchase the article of your liking. This month’s gift is even more generous than the last so pour through the websites and start making a wish list!

I’ll be posting the specifics of the giveaway in a few days! Once again, thank you all for being such loyal readers of my ramblings. A warm thank you also goes out to CSN for sponsoring these opportunities. See you soon!


compost in my shoe said...

Like the evergreen wisteria shot. Beautiful!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful photo Randy. I will have to check out the web site you have posted.

Missy said...

That's a magnificent picture!

Randy and Jamie said...

Thanks for the compliments on the photos you guys!

I'll be putting up the the giveaway post when I get back from New Orleans the end of the week. You should come back and participate. :-)

Pick you out a couple of things you like. You can either match the amount of the promo code for a free item or apply that towards something more expensive. If you are the lucky winner.

Missy it's good to see you back again. I was just peeking at your blog. You are a crafty little rascal! I loved your clock and diaper cake. :-)--Randy

GardenJoy4Me said...

Randy (& Jamie) I have meant so many times to pop over here and have a peek at your garden .. this year has been a strange one that is all I can say ? LOL .. you have such gorgeous plants and the pictures are wonderful!
Good luck with the give-a-way : )
PS .. I know Canadians can't join in but it will be fun to see who gets what ? wink wink