Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Walk With Old Faithful


I have two cameras. My newest is the Sony DSC-H50/B and the second one is the great grandfather to the new one an old DSC-F717. I love my old camera and I only pull it out every now and then to take photos with it. The LCD screen is failing and it will no longer charge unless the battery is attached to an external battery charger. I decided to drag it out and walk around the garden a little while, just for old time’s sake. When I got the H50 nothing you could have ever said would have convinced me it could take the photos that its grandfather does, now I can look at the pictures and see a noticeable difference in the color. The H50 has better color, but it still can’t stop a bird in flight like the 717.

Jamie got the windowsill containers planted for the summer. We generally go for the bright colored flowers, but this year we decided to do something a little different. I think Jamie did a fantastic job and I think these will stand up to the full sun a little better.


My grandmother’s old rose bush seems to be happy where it is and it’s sporting its first bloom of the season. I have no idea how old this rose it, but my grandmother got it from her mother when she was married in 1931. When she passed and her house was sold I dug it up and moved it to my home.


This is a new Dahlia we added to the garden this year, ‘Sumatra’.


Variegated Solomon’s Seal


'Crimson Queen' and Bridal Wreath


'Miss Saigon'

Miss Saigon

This is a wonderful old Iris that I’m just tickled to have newly planted in our garden. It was given to us last fall by a very generous reader that wishes to remain anonymous. We planted them on both sides of the patio sidewalk; I get to enjoy them every morning. The color is even better than I thought and I just love it!



Southern Lady said...

Your pictures are great as usual. I have some yellow irises opening, but I am still waiting for the beautiful purple ones. Don't you love plants like your rose that have a history? Carla

tina said...

Your window containers are quite creative. Love them! As well as your very large 'Crimson Queen'. I can only pine away for the day when mine is that big. Those irises look mighty familiar:)

Chandramouli S said...

Strange that your post didn't show up in my Blogroll and it was at the bottom. I usually try to visit blogs as soon as they are posted and updated in my blogroll. Today I see that your post shows 1 day.
Anyways, It's great to see your lovely blooms. I missed your posts badly - seriously. I remember you posting a separate post on different Irises in your garden last year. Are the rest blooming too?

Randy and Jamie said...

You should see the CQ when its leaves are fully open. It's gorgeous, I've had it four years. It was a mother's day gift to me from a friends husband. LOL It's a long story, maybe I'll post it one day. LOL

The Irises are just beginning to bud up good. the next couple of weeks I should be posting some good pictures of them. I hope the new ones bloom! Thanks for the kind words. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

When I read the title of this post I thought maybe you were walking through the garden with Jamie. ;) Naw, just kidding. On the not kidding side I love that varigated Solomans seal with the blooming ajuga behind it. It has given me a vision of something I could do. Beautiful photos no matter who you are walking with.

sweet bay said...

Oh, I love the bearded iris. It's beautiful.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Randy, That is so neat that you have your grandmother's rose bush... How special is that!!!!

Love your wiindow box.... I find myself using more succulents... I love our Autumn Joy Sedum and our Semps.

That last Iris is beautiful. We have a yard full of Daffodils and Tulips now --but no Irises yet.

Have a great Tuesday.

Jan Goldfield said...

Your garden is magnificent! Of course. Love your photos. Of course.
How goes it with your new camera?

Randy and Jamie said...

We have several plants that have a wonderful history to them. :-)

Jamie and I have been taking evening strolls in the garden with Maxx. ;-)

You should see the iris in person. It's gorgeous!

We went to Noccalula, Little River Canyon Falls and Ruby Falls this past week. Needless to say we thought about you guys!

I'm enjoying the new camera more and more. Just a matter of getting use to it I suppose. :-)--Randy

Cameron said...

Your dahlia is blooming! WOW!

Your grandmother's rose is such a wonderful thing to have in your own garden.

I am going with succulents in several containers this year as I just couldn't keep up the watering regiment for thirsty annuals.

I completely understand the attachment to old cameras. About 26 years ago, my first SLR was a Pentax K-1000, a fantastic camera with everything a manual setting. That old friend went with me on my most exotic travels. These days, due to the fact that I refuse to check luggage, I am limited to 1-2 carry-on bags, usually just 1 bag, so I can't carry any SLR or DSLR equipment with me.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I like that window planter too. That should do well with a minimum of care.

Miss Saigon is just beautiful. I'm jealous. I have Caesar's Brother which is very drab in comparison.

Southern Lady said...

Hi, I am never quite sure how to respond to questions on my blog. I don't know if I comment back on mine if you will see it. So, I'll comment on yours to be sure. To answer the question you asked- No,I do not speak Greek. In our travels, I found that almost everyone in the tourest areas speak English or can find someone to translate. In the rural areas it is harder to converse. Italy was the same way. I wish Americans were taught languages in school as well as those overseas. I found communicating to be very easy in most places. We are not wealty, however, we made payments for our trip. I will never regret the money spent and hope to make travel happen again. It is well worth saving for. Carla

Skeeter said...

The story of your grandmothers rose brings a tear to my eye. That is so sweet that you dug it up. Oh how I wish I had dug up some of my two grandmothers plants when the houses were sold. It is so sad to go back now and see NO plants anywhere when those places once stood out in the neighborhood with their beauty in the yard, sigh. I am grateful for my memories….

TexasDeb said...

Love that legacy rose (your Gmother's..). How proud she would be that you've saved it.

Your photos are stunning - so glad you dropped in on my blog and I'll sure be back to check on yours.

Gail said...

Randy, I planted Miss Saigon...but she didn't make it through the winter! Maybe she will pop up late...Gardeners are delusional or eternally optimistic! Your generous garden buddy share a lovely iris with you...Gardeners are also generous! gail