Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jasmine Hill Garden Part 3

Here’s part 3 of the Jasmine Hill posts, I decided to go ahead and submit it since everyone seems to be enjoying the tour so much. This is another view of the temple ruins from the French doors on the back of the house. I wanted you to see what the Fitzpatricks saw when they walked out of their home. Seeing this picture just makes me want to crawl into this photo to be there again.



These columns were place around the parameter of the lanai, in the second picture if you look in the background you can see how elevated the home is compared to its surroundings. The garden sits on the southernmost outcropping of the Appalachians.




The original this bust of Zeus was created from was lost at sea during a shipwreck after its creation in the 5th Century B.C. It was discovered in 1926 and excavated in 1928. The diver that found the wreck died in 1928 and the site was abandoned. What else could be there?



These very pretty Lotus blooms were all over the reflecting pool at the temple ruins.


Saturday was just beautiful, the temperature was perfect. There was a row of cherry trees along the pathway and I casually made the statement I wish the wind would blow so I can walk among the falling petals and take photos. In that very instant from a perfectly still day the wind blew in very strongly and petals were floating everywhere. It lasted only as long as we were under the trees. There was no wind earlier that morning and not a single breeze afterwards. It was if the garden heard my wish and granted it, you would just have to have been there to understand and feel the magic that was in the air at that moment. Unfortunately' the petals are only visible in the photo when you know where to look.


Okay, I’ll leave you to wander the trails on you own. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos.







Lisa at Greenbow said...

As you say, one just wants to immerse oneself into this garden. Aren't those wrestlers awesome? I love all the animal statues too. It sounds like a tour you won't soon forget.

flowergardengirl said...

Wow, they had some statues huh? It's a garden that looks well manicured. I can see why you want to go back. Of course, the weather added to the experience.

Jamie and Randy said...

I will make certain I return many times over the next few years and I'm going to become as involved with this garden as I possible can. The wrestlers are fantastic, the statue is better appreciated from the other side, but the photo I took was too dark.

The statues are breath taking! Even with very little blooms the garden was positively enchanting! You could feel the love and magic in the air.--Randy

tina said...

I've really enjoyed the tour. Seems so much like European gardens and who would've thought it in Alabama!

Jamie and Randy said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos!It was a pleasure to share it with everyone. Maybe some of them will make the trip to see it. The garden came so close to being abandoned at one point.

Roses and Lilacs said...

What an interesting garden. All the statues make it very unique. I can't believe I missed seeing it when I lived in AL.

Jamie and Randy said...

Maybe you will find your way back here one day and you'll be able to visit it. I certainly hope so anyway.:-)--Randy

Gail said...

Beautiful gardens~~I was thinking about a picnic while I was touring. It seemed like the grounds would be cool to sit within on a warm day. Thank you fro tgaking me along! gail

Jan said...

Thanks for the tour of such a lovely garden. It seems this was the perfect time of year for your visit. I love the way your wish for the falling petals was granted.

Always Growing

Chandramouli S said...

Whoa! I loved it. To me a perfect garden is full of interesting props. For my future garden I always had in mind many figurines similar to this erected across the garden. I love the sculptures - especially of the Three Sisters - are they the Furies/Erinyes?

Jamie and Randy said...

Those are the Three Graces, the goddesses of Charm, Beauty and Creativity. :-)

Annie in Austin said...

Thanks for the 3-part tour, Randy! I'd love to go to Jasmine Hill some day.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Jamie and Randy said...

Come on over to Alabama Annie, we would love to have you visit!:-)

Frances said...

Oh J and R, I love every single bit of this spot, and so close to you too. What a jewel. I read all three posts and was swept away to join you there. Your story of the cherry tree petals gave me chills. I totally believe it too. Magic is all around us, everywhere, we just have to accept its presence. :-)