Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some Cannas For You

Jamie and I got several projects completed in the garden this past week. I’ll be posting pictures of them later. I really don’t like posting pictures of unfinished projects on the blog. I like to go step by step with my photos until completion so you can watch the process unfold. This past weekend we put in two new beds, three arbors and built a twenty foot trellis attached to one of the arbors to form a wall and the entrance to our garden. I’ll be posting pictures of all this in a couple of weeks. Until then here are some Canna photos that I hope you enjoy. With thirty types of cannas, our garden has been an explosion of flowers thru all the terrible heat. If you don’t have any you should consider getting at least a couple of them.



'Richard Wallace'

Richard Wallace



'Tropical Sunrise'

Tropical Sunrise

'King City Gold'

King City Gold


tina said...

Cannas are great plants and yours are quite colorful and full.

Randy and Jamie said...

I love them Tina, the leaf rollers can be a little bit of pain sometimes. It's well worth dealing with them for the color they give you when everything else is fried to a crisp. :-)

tina said...

Leaf rollers and Japanese beetles do a job on mine. But the flowers are still worth it indeed.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I had no idea there were so many different cannas. I don't grow them because the Japanese beetles eat both the flowers and the lovely leaves.

I really enjoyed the previous post about creating a new bed. Getting a pictorial like that is a wonderful idea that I always forget to do.

Randy and Jamie said...

I'm so glad you found us! I've just visited your blog and I think it's wonderful!Come back to visit us again soon. :-)

Cosmo said...

I love cannas, too, but I haven't found the right spot for them. I have a few, but they haven't bloomed because they ended up in too much shade. But even when they're not in bloom, the foliage is fabulous! Randy, I can't wait to see the results of your new projects.

Randy and Jamie said...

I had a canna in full shade before the storm and it was always filled with blooms during summer. Gather up a nice bag of ashes from a fireplace in the earliest part of winter and dump them around and maybe even mix them in the soil a little around your shaded cannas and see what happens next summer. ;-) You might be rewarded with a beautiful surprise. If you have roses do the same with them. It's a little trick a dear departed gardening friend shared with me and it really works. The first year I did it I had eight inch blooms on my roses.

Cosmo said...

Thanks, Randy! I will love it if they bloom in the shade--I have one with lime green and yellow striped foliage and (what should be) a bright orange flower, and it will look FABULOUS if it blooms where it is (relatively light shade, actually)--we have a fire pit outside, so I'll dig in around my cannas this fall. I really appreciate the tip, and again, I can't wait to see your screens and trellises.