Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Missed My Sunny Saturday

I woke up Saturday morning and followed my general routine. I fixed my special, blueberry cobbler coffee that I always treat myself to on Saturday and Sunday morning, sat down at the computer and checked my email and favorite sites for updates. It’s a very quite time of the day and I really enjoy the peace of the early morning. After finishing my coffee I walked outside to survey the task that needed to be accomplished for the day. I usually spend the entire weekend trying to make some improvement on the yard or garden. I’m totally preoccupied with the garden and I get really irritated if I don’t have my weekend in it. I know the hot days of summer will be coming before long and I won’t be able to stand the heat. I walk outside and this is the view I have…


I’m all about a good storm, I love all the wind and negative ions in the air it’s exhilarating. I just don’t like it on the days I’m planning on doing yard work. Just as I started my stroll around the beds to see if anything new was blooming the rain began to fall. The drops of water were as cold as ice and another minute or two later that’s just what was falling. We had a hail storm with stones about the size of Chinese marbles. Fortunately, it didn’t last long enough to do any damage to the plants and it wasn’t large enough to dent my new pickup that has less than two thousand miles on it. I really panicked when it started to come down, I just knew all the little plants we just set out were going to get ripped to pieces. Since there was nothing else to do that day I chose to spend the time in bed watching television which is something I haven’t done in years!

Sunday was a much better day, nice weather and sunshine the entire time. I got all my chores done and then some and while I was outside, Jamie was able to study for his big test. In between chopping out huge roots with an ax and burying concrete stepping stones I snapped a few pictures. The first one is a discovery that was made after a robin few out of the old Crepe Myrtle in the front yard and almost scared me to death. I don’t do well when things jump out of the bushes at me.

Robin Nest

Robin Nest

This little beauty is ‘Pandora’s Box’. It’s another one of the new daylilies we got this spring. I’ll bet you guys get tired of seeing daylilies before all these babies get thru blooming.

'Pandora's Box'

Pandora's Box

This next one is ‘Bessie Howell’s’ rhododendron. You can see the tattered leaves from the flying debris of the tornado. Frankly, I’m surprised it and the ‘Nova Zembla’ are still living. They are in full sun now, so we’ll see just how much of it they can take as the summer progresses.

'Bessie Howell's'

Bessie Howell's

'Nova Zembla'

Nova Zembla

This is my one of my old fashioned roses that really isn’t my rose, but it is. It’s growing in my neighbor’s yard. She hates it and I love it. This past spring she cut all of it out of her yard except what was growing thru the fence and hanging on my side. She told me if I wanted to cut it all down to the ground, I could. she was tired of it. If I didn’t I could consider it my rose bush. So the root ball is in her yard and the bush is in ours.

Shared Rose

This is another one of the old shrub roses I got from my neighbor. It grows shoots from the roots really easy, so it’s a snap to divide. She has four other old roses that I will be getting some plants from soon. Phillip at Dirt Therapy has convinced me to give roses another try. This time I’m sticking with the old ones that are more disease resistant.

Old Fashion


Phillip said...

My idea of a perfect day to work in the garden is an overcast one with maybe a slight breeze. No rain of course. Sorry to hear that your day was ruined. Now, about that neighbor - how does a person get tired of a rose?? I'm perplexed! :)

Rurality said...

Wow you have a lot of great blooms. I think my favorite is the one that isn't your rose, except that it is! :)

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Randy and Jamie,

Ditto on the neighbor's scorned rose - what a beauty! If you put lots of compost and mulch on your side of the fence near the roots and watered, maybe she'd decide to migrate to your yard ;-]

The Robin nest with eggs is a lovely photo, too.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Randy and Jamie said...

We went to Petals from the past and got a new antique rose this weekend.

I've always loved that rose, but in Judy's defense it does have looooooooots of thorns.

I'm glad to see you, I've been concerned. I'm use to seeing more frequent post on T-Rose. Hope your are well and have just been busy.:-)

Peg said...

Hey Guys, looks like you have been busy. Did you get my CARE package of seeds? I really promise I will update you on my garden, I have enrolled at a class at Texas Christian University and it has taken all my time
Randy, what resolution are you shooting your pics at, they are absolutely crystal clear? Tripod?